A New Dica for Moi!

I just won a new digital camera for blogging about Korea! When I checked one of my Gmail accounts yesterday morning, I was surprised to receive an email from VANK-KTO telling me that I was one of the Top 100 K-bloggers chosen to receive a price for blogging about Korea (my email is the first one on the list for “dica” winners). Other prices include netbooks and mp3 players. I couldn’t really care for the netbook since we already have three computers at home (desktop, laptop, netbook). It would’ve been nicer though if desktop computers were included. I would send my old one to my nephew back home if I won.
The timing for the announcement of winners couldn’t be more perfect as I’ve been thinking of getting a new digital camera this week, because my 3-yr old son had been using mine since last month. He had been wanting to use my camera from the first time he laid eyes on it. It was exactly on August 22nd that he had successfully used and owned it!
Thank you VANK for such a wonderful gift.


  1. uhhh why is this a surprise? IMO if there was anyone who deserved it for K-blogging, you were definitely top 10 among them all. =D

  2. ate Congratulations po.. you deserve it. I still remember that I started reading your blog in 2007 and finally got the guts to email you in 2008, hahahaha…

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