Gyeonggi Peace and Unification Marathon

The Gyeonggi Province’s Peace and Unification Marathon is one of the major marathons in the country. It was supposed to take place on September 13 this year. However, it was canceled due to the fear of H1N1 flu. Killjoy! Several other festivals, even the famous “Andong Mask Festival”, have been canceled because of the same reason.
My husband registered for the 41-km (full) course. For three months, he would run 6 kms. every other day and 21 kms. on weekends. He, like others, were informed of the cancellation only a week before the scheduled event. He joined the 21-km course of this marathon last year, which was held at the Gyeonggi Pyeonghwa-Nuri in Imjingak. It was our first time at the venue and we truly enjoyed the day. Here are some pictures of last year’s marathon (September 27, 2008):
^^ father and son warming up for the event
^^ a group of kids (taekwondo trainees) joined the shortest course that year
^^ Gyeonggi’s Pyeonghwa Nuri is a huge park with lots of interesting stuff to see
^^ group warm-up
^^ the family that runs together, stays together!
^^ the kite flyer
^^ last year’s highet earning girl group – Jewelry
^^ these pinwheels come in different colors – blue, orange, red…
^^ almost everyone in Korea is a photographer (or a wanna-be)
^^ layout of Gyeonggi’s Pyeonghwa Nuri


  1. Ooh the place looks beautiful! I love the picture of the pinwheels and also that of the Kite flier~ The field looks so big that it makes you wanna run around! It must have been a fun day for your family.
    And oh Jewelry was there! Did they perform?

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