Midterm exams

Helping the middle school students review for their exams isn’t part of our job. However, my Korean co-teachers are overzealous that they took it to themselves (and they even volunteered me!) to spend extra time to help our middle schoolers with their midterm English test.
I am so amazed at how much the kids spent time studying for their exams. They started their review as early as two weeks before the exams week. My Korean co-teachers would even download reviewers from the WWW for a fee and print them out for hours to give to the students. One of the reviewers is about 120 pages long! If I had studied as hard as these kids, I might have lost all my hair. They made me feel guilty as there were times in my student life when I wouldn’t even review for a major exam.


  1. Their commitment to prepare for their exams is astounding and i actually thought I was studying hard before (if you would call reviewing the night before your exams studying).

  2. wow~! it’s nice to know po some trivia about Korean Culture….hehe…na-interview na po ba kayo dati sa Arirang? para po kasing napanood ko na kayo eh……

  3. I attended uni for one year but couldn’t complete, the work these days is daunting. There’s so much to do, even my mother commented that it was a lot more than in her day. What subject were the students mentioned studying out of interest?

  4. dito naman po sa academy na pinagtuturuan ko
    5 weeks ang preparation para sa test.
    grabe tlga..
    naisip ko tuloy kung ganu ako
    ktmad n estudyante noon..

  5. wow…i feel down right lazy. when i was in school, i don’t think i really studied for more than an hour or two before the exams…so 2 weeks before the exam, yikes!

  6. I’m guilty for cramming specially for English/speech classes I had before. What usually happens is that pointers are usually given a week or two before the exam but no one will open their notes 3,2 days or 4-6 hours before the exam. Hahaha It’s a little bit surprising though ‘coz the more we cram or forced to remember something, the more we keep it in our heads longer. Well… at least for our class before. I’m not sure if it happens on other classes too.
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  7. Hi..very interesting naman ung blog mo..actually i’m thinking of trying to live there for a year..subukan mag trabaho dyan kaso wla kasi akong kilala dyan and i’m worried since its a unfamiliar world and i don’t speak the language either…can you give me some advice on what do to there once you live there?

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