Vacationing outside Korea

[singlepic=1297,250,250,right]It’s autumn again in Korea and this is one of the best times to fly out of the country since airfares are relatively cheaper this season. For those who haven’t gone to the beach during the summer vacation and would still like to catch some some, there are Cheap holidays to Lanzarote that are available on the internet.
Where is Lanzarote? I didn’t know that a while ago but wikipedia is my friend. It located in the Canary Islands, about 1,000 km from the Iberian Peninsula and 125 km off the coast of Africa.
Lanzrote Holidays is its major economy. The island has an enviable weather and all-year sunshine. Some of its attractions include “The Cave of Los Verdes”, which is a part of an underground cave system. Another popular destination is the “Timanfaya National Park” with its “martian” landscape created through the eruption of over a hundred volcanoes in a 50-square kilometer area. Of course, the island is also famous for its golden sand beaches specially the Playa Blanca, where nudist bathing is quite common.
So for those who still want to experience a sunny weather even during this autumn season, Holidays to Lanzarote is a good option. I would love to go there myself, but it’s almost impossible to get a vacation leave in this part of the world.