KOTESOL 2009 International Conference

I’m posting this information especially for Filipino English teachers here in Korea who’d like. The KOTESOL International Conference will be held this weekend, October 24 and 25 at Sookmyung Women’s University. Three of the illustrious speakers they invited are David Nunan, Rod Ellis and Kathleen Bailey. This is a good chance for us to network and learn more about the profession.
Last year while I was studying at Sookmyung University, Prof. Rod Ellis came to speak about his thoughts on TBI at a special lecture for TESOL students. A couple of my Korean classmates, who are mostly English majors, attended the leture to get his autograph!
You can find more information at the KOTESOL website.


  1. kita kita na lang don ate… i was able to convince marni to come along.. haha, kasama sya sa group registration namin nina anne…

  2. @reijene
    the Inter. conf is only once a year, don’t miss the chance, besides it’s on the weekends. If you can’t make it, dont worry there’s gonna be another Inter.conf on Nov.21 in Honam Univ, Gwangju(GETA Inter.Conf) hope to see you there.
    You might want to be a member of KOTESOL- Gwangju chapter. They usually meet and have workshops every 2nd Saturday of the month.Please check the website for more info.
    @ate betch
    kita kits po. I informed ate nemskie of Busan about it and she will be coming too.
    Pfofessional Development through attending conferences like this will really help us as the theme of this year KOTESOL Inter.conf goes, pursue Professional excellence in ELT

    1. hi anne! oo kitakits pero hindi ko alam kung anong oras ako sa sabado. okay ang mga gifts ng OUP. i might spend more time at their seminars for the give-aways.

      1. hello! I’m a Masters student in SNU and I’m looking for a korean language school that is a little cheaper. May alam po ba kayo na school na malapit lang sa hyewah station?thank you

  3. Hello po! Now I know this is soo random but I’m going to Seoul for a 5-day vacay first week of November. I intend to buy a lot of Big Bang/2NE1/others goodies, mags, CDs and stuff. Also, to shop for BB cream, Korean makeup, etc. I think I’ll be staying in Rainbow Hotel? Won’t I have a hard time looking for those items?
    Also, how is the weather there now? So I’ll know what clothes to pack. 🙂 Thank you! You’re awesome for maintaining your blog.

    1. Hi kitty_n… the temperature will be lower by that time. These days, we have been experiencing 16 degree highs and 4 degree lows in Seoul. Those things aren’t difficult to find in Seoul. You can try the music stores in Myeongdong, Dongdaemun or you could visit Kyobo Bookstore in Gwanghwamun.

  4. Is this open to everyone? I mean I would like to join you if there are no qualifications or requirements for the attendees. I just wanna see how it works. I mean it’s a long story and to make it short, I want to be smart! Ahehe.
    No kidding, is everyone can attend this event?

    1. Hi Aling Mely! It’s open to everyone. There is a conference fee, though. If you attend the seminars (like the one by Oxford University Press) you can get free books/references.

  5. POR DIOS POR MIO.. i know. but i can’t just go. i’m trying to find out when the next meeting would be.
    unfortunately, the site is not updated.
    patience is good during these moments… =)
    have fun, everyone!
    .-= reijene´s last blog ..oooh scary!!! LOL =-.

  6. Ate Betchay~ We’re coming to Seoul in the morning of Saturday. We hope to see all of you there (we’re a group of four) Unfortunately most reasonable hotels are already booked so we are still deciding where to stay in the evening of Saturday (May lakwatsa plan kasi…hihihi). Jjim jjilbang or guest house around Yongsan/Myeongdong… anyways, Hope to meet you there (Thanks Anne) ^^
    .-= nhemskie´s last blog ..The Woes of a Filipino English Teacher =-.

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