Kim Bum's Pinoy CF with Maja Salvador

It was during the height of Typhoon Ondoy that Boys Over Flowers hottie Kim Bum was reported to have flown to the Philippines to star in a CF (commercial film). The said CF is for a local softdrink brand RC Cola. He co-stars with local Pinay talent Maja Salvador. The CF premiered in the Philippines last weekend and it’s all over Youtube now.
Here’s one posted by SuperMika09.

A Korean boy and a Filipina girl? 🙂


  1. Maja’s so pretty and Kim Bum’s so cute! A Korean boy and a Filipina girl? Hey, it could happen. 😛

  2. “besides filming for the CF, Kim Bum will also be doing some voluntary charity work, which will go towards helping needy orphans” from Allkpop.
    what a good boy!!

  3. Hi Betch! Sayang hindi ako nakaattend ngKOTESOL Conference. Hindi tuloy kita nakita.
    Nga pala, napanuod ko yung intervew ni Ruffa kay Kim Bum sa The Buzz. Instead of Kim Boom (Bum)ang pagbigkas eh ginwang Kim Bam as in GUM. Hehehe! Cute naman! Tinawag tuloy syang Bummy ni Ruffa.
    English ang interview ha. Galing din naman ni Ruffa mag-English eh.

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