Freebie: Wonder Girls mouse pad

Last week we were craving for fried chicken and decided to order from BBQ Chicken (a Korean brand). Their “luxury” fried chicken is 16,000 won (about US$15) per order. We used the 3,000 won discount coupon we got from the nearby grocery. When I first came here, BBQ Chicken was just 10,000 won and then three years ago they raised their prices to 13,000 won and now it’s 16,000 won!
Six years ago, I got an all-star Kpop calendar from BBQ Chicken that I never used and just threw away. This time we received the Wonder Girls mouse pad. Instead of throwing it away, since I don’t have any use it for it, I’m giving it to a visitor. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post until November 11 (Pepero Day!).


  1. can i have that pretty pretty pls??? it’s really hard to get any kpop stuff here in malaysia 🙁 and even if they sold them it’s realllllllly expensive..huhu..i wish i live in korea

  2. Hey Betchay! Long time no see! I am still enjoying your gold bookmark.
    I want to enter and hope being in the US doesn’t disqualify.
    @jhebi_gurl gee gee gee would be a more accurate cheer =)

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