Farewell Mishil

It’s Friday the 13th, but not exactly a Black Friday. Well, for Mishil fans like moi it might as well be one. I’ve been watching the Monday-Tuesday MBC drama “Queen Seonduk” since I came back from my vacation last July. This drama is so popular that it has been a consistent top-rater in Seoul and all over the country. Like other MBC historical dramas, according to my eldest sister-in-law who majored in Korean History and minored in Chinese History, its story has been altered for cinematic purposes. So we shouldn’t believe everything we see on the drama.
The most fascinating character for me in “Queen Seonduk” is Mishil. She was a real person who lived from 540-600 AD. She was married to (6th Pungwolju) Se Jong Gong, with whom she had two sons: (11th Pungwolju) Ha Jong Gong and Ok Jong Gong. She also had relationships with six other men including Seol Won Rang (with whom she had a son: Bo Jong Gong) and Sadaham Gong. She had a son and two daughters with King Jinheung and a daughter with King Jinpyeong named Princess Bonghwa, who is a step-sister to Princesses Deokman and Cheonmyeong (the mother of Lord Chunchu who later became King MuYeol). Source: Daum Encyclopedia
Actress Go Hyun Jung portrayed the role of Mishil, and she did so excellently with her beauty and acting skills. Go Hyun Jung had been in several dramas but it was in “Sandglass” (my most favorite Korean drama) that I first saw her and loved her.
Mishil is the antagonist in “Queen Seonduk”, but I just couldn’t hate her because her intelligence is so admirable. She is what my husband would call as “foxy” (and Go Hyun Jung is his favorite Korean actress!) I just wonder how much of the cinematic Mishil is as real as the one who lived a century and a half ago. The book “Mishil” (only in Korean) was a bestseller in Korea for several months and it talks about that femme fatale.
“Queen Seonduk” was originally planned for 50 episodes. However, it is a #1 program of MBC and that’s why it has been extended to 62 episodes. I wonder if they could sustain the ratings since Mishil is already gone. I would surely miss Mishil.


  1. I haven’t watched this series but I did watch a short clip of Uee playing as the young queen.
    Though after reading your review, I might give this a try. The last historical drama that I watched was Dae Jang Geum! hahaha

  2. Hi Betch!
    Wow! Your blog is fantastically awesome! I never had a chance to visit since I was very busy with work.
    It’s good to be back! Got to read your blog about NAMISEOM. I’m planning to visit there sometime soon.
    I’m so excited! Thanks for a very nice info about it.
    God Bless you! By the way, I miss your blog so so so very much! 🙂

    1. Hi Aling Mely! Thank you so much for the kind words. Please inform me when you come here. I’ll treat you to street food… LOL

  3. I was searching for Mishil, and I happen to come across with your blog. hehe
    Totally same here, I cannot hate her for being an antagonist. 😀 But now, there will be no more Mishil sob sob :))
    And yeah, the story was based on HwarangSegi, which is debated by historians whether it is real or not, and recently I found out that Mishil did not even exist. hahaha
    And since you’re a pinay, have you seen the pic of QSD aired by GMA? It will be airing next year. I hope Filipino people will support it. 😀

  4. Am sad to see her go am also sadder because recently one of the MBC channels was removed from the air, now am stuck seeing the The Iron Empress good show as well.

  5. Oh I’ve seen her in Kang Ho Dong’s Korean talk show (something like that). Her story is quite sad but she seems to be a strong woman in real life. She’s an outstanding actress too. Hope to see her more in dramas/movies.
    .-= eden´s last blog ..This is it! A wake up call… =-.

  6. hello..im a fan of lady mishil…jst want to share that i love her so much.!.she’s gorgeous.!. i like d way she smile.!..love her eyes..

  7. hmmm .. sobrang ganda talaga . hndi ako maka move on !!!
    sobrang iyak ko dn nung mamatay yung character nya ;'(

  8. hi.. i love misil she is the beutful woman in world i love her mire than everythunk.. hope one time i see her in real life
    all bedroom is her pics..
    it my dreama to see her in realy life..

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