The Skin Food 2010 Diary

You know that the year is almost over when you start getting diaries, planners or calendars from your insurance agent, drugstore or your favorite cosmetics store.
Last month, book publishers at the KOTESOL Conference gave away diaries to attendees. Two weeks ago, I got two leather-bound planners from our insurance agent. Last week, I received our first 2010 calendar from the drugstore. And yesterday, I learned that Skin Food is giving away 2010 diaries to their customers.
For every 40,000 won worth of products purchased at the store, a customer gets a diary on top of the free product samples that they give. The Skin Food 2010 diary is just the perfect size – not too big nor too small. The style is traditional but what’s really good about it is its different sections to write down your memories.
Here’s how the pages of the Skin Food 2010 diary looks inside.


  1. now i fully understand the text message I received from them last week and the “4만원” was the only term i recognized well, haha!

  2. Hello Betchay,
    I don’t know how I stumbled on your blog (must be because of Google or GirlTalk!), but I am sooo thankful I did! My friends and I are going to Seoul next week and they (not we) agreed that I take charge of the itinerary. And your blog is my haven!
    I’d love to have this diary too! Do they have Skin Food at the Hyundai Department Stores? Thanks again!

    1. Hi Angel! I don’t frequent department stores but you’ll find three Skin Food shops (and numerous other cosmetic shops) in Myeongdong.

  3. Hi, I was told about Skin Food products. Wonder where can I buy the products in KL or PJ. Wld appreciate if you help me out. Tks

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