H1N1 Flu vaccine in Korea

Last Wednesday, several students at our “hagwon” didn’t attend their classes since they had the H1N1 flu vaccine that day and weren’t feeling well. About two weeks ago, six of my students were diagnosed with the flu and about 1/6 of our hagwon’s population were afflicted with the virus that has been scaring the populace since spring.
When the H1N1 flu vaccine became available, the government wasted no time inoculating health workers, soldiers and grade schoolers. On November 18, the Korean CDC opened its reservation site for the vaccination of children who are three years old and above. Needless to say, we took the time to reserve for our son. However, the first round of inoculation wouldn’t start until December 7. That will give us more time to read and learn more about the vaccine.
Visit the CDC website for reservation and for more information about the vaccination.


  1. betch….is it safe to get the vaccine already?i’ve been asking my hubby to make a reservation fo zach but he said it’s still dangerous to get the vaccine now because it still has a lot of disadvantages…..or side effects care to comment?
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  2. pati nga yung asawa ko ayaw mag parserve sana kc nga daw eh wuihom he…ok kaya magpainject itong mga kids ko?

  3. filipinos are tough h1n1 virus known as ewan-ewan virus in manila didnt make a dent in our stamina and resolution hence the name. perhaps it is because we have been exposed to this illness long before and have the antibodies to combat the disease.

    1. hi albergal! birthrate in korea is really low and i guess the government doesn’t want to take any chances

  4. Hello again,
    Is H1N1 really that bad in Korea? We are going there next week and we are getting mixed reactions. We can’t cancel the trip. We’re planning to take Tamiflu for prophylaxis, but the drugstores I’ve been to don’t have it. Do you think we can get Tamiflu in Seoul? Thanks.

  5. I just got my H1N1 shot the other day. It’s been a while since the last time I’ve heard or seen news about this virus. The last was about long lines of people on clinics/ health centers to get the shot and increasing number of mortality. But then again, most of people who died have underlying conditions.
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