Cass box: Sandara Park and Lee Min Ho

On our latest trip to E-mart, said to be the number one hypermart in South Korea, I happen to bring the red Panasonic ZS-3 camera that my brother gave me as a birthday/Christmas gift. My birthday happens to fall in December and I guess that’s the curse of being born in this month: you only get one gift for two celebrations! And another curse of being born in December in Korea is that you increase your Korean age by two instead of just one.
Since the start of the cold season we’ve been spending more time at E-mart on weekends. In fact, we were there for five hours last Sunday and we spent 2 1/2 hours alone on the third floor of the Seongsu branch where the toys, electronic, stationery, household items can be found.
Anyway, this post is not about E-mart but of the “Cass” box where Sandara Park and Lee Min Ho are featured. The Cass endorsement is a big deal for Sandara. She’s not only on their TV ads, but she’s also visible on their bus ads and other promotional items. She and Lee Min Ho also attract buyers by being on the boxes of Cass sold in supermarkets. A can is sold for 1,720 while a box of 12 is 14,520 won.


  1. Hello Bechay, I am a Dara fan in the US.
    Appreciate the posting of her in your Blog.
    Freezing cold here too, stay healthy and warm.

  2. Hi, Just a quick unrelated question:
    About how many Filipina brides (either holding Philippine or Korean citizenships) are there in Korea?
    Can anyone tell me?

  3. I don’t know ah! It’s just di lang ako fan ni Sandy! Haha!
    Pero nice naman, I am glad with the run of her career now…
    Atleast, somewhere in her heart,
    she’s grateful she was loved by the Filipinos…
    Cass is not a good beer for me!
    SMB Light pa rin ako… Iba ang Beer ng Pinas! Di ba Bechay?
    Anyway, speaking of beer and cheer!
    Wala ba tayong Christmas Party?
    .-= asianconqueror´s last blog night at dongdaemun shopping center… =-.

  4. Hi! I’ve been checking your blog and it had been very useful for my latest trip.
    I was just in Seoul three weeks ago with my officemate and her American husband. Since my officemate and I are big BOF fans, we urged her husband, a big beer drinker, to try Cass. It was cheaper than Bud or Heineken, so he did try one. To our dismay, he did not like it at all! He did not even finish one can!
    He said that he would still like San Mig Light. He ended up buying Budweiser.
    You should have seen our faces when he announced that he did not like Cass. LOL
    All the best and Merry Christmas from the Philippines!

  5. hi dara sana mag partner kayo ni lee min hoo kasi bagay kayo hi hi hi hi…… aniong!

  6. Yes Im vey happy for Dara’s (Sandara Park) career in Korea and most of her endorsement product like Cass Beer,Buskin & Robin, and one for eyelashes product,etc. Wow Dara youre the best…. see these in u-tube…God Bless.

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