The Philippines beats Korea…

The Philippines beats Korea in billiards. World class players (and cabalen) Efren “Bata” Reyes and Rubilen “Bingkay” Amit won the 1st World Mixed Doubles Classic 10-Ball held in Quezon City. They won 9-7 against the Korean team – Charlie Williams and Park Eun Ji. Read the full story on
I learned about this from TV Patrol. I miss watching billiards especially when there are Filipino players. I used to know every Pinoy player in world championships. And of course, Efren Reyes is a cabalen – a fellow Angeleno. I remember Reyes’ smile that I think would benefit from implant dentist Plano.


  1. I saw the game…it was really exciting…Ofcourse we’re also “cabalens”..Congratulations to Reyes and Amit^^

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