Snowy Monday

When I woke up this morning and looked outside, my first thought was that I should’ve bought a pair of ugg boots! How am I supposed to go to work when the snow as of 8 o’clock is already two inches and the prediction is that it will snow the whole day!
^^Good thing we parked our car in the basement.
My son’s day care center called in the morning to say that they can’t send the car service today and that I’ll have to bring him there. I have a pair of leather boots but they’re 4 inches high and there’s no way that I’ll carry my son on my back in those shoes. Good thing my husband didn’t go to work early and he brought our son there. Ugg — these are the shoes that I really need to get to survive this winter season.
^^How I wish I could just stay home with my son!
I wonder how many parents are going to send their kids to hagwon today. If I had the choice to stay home with my son, I would do so. However, people would still go to work and parents would still send their kids to hagwon even with this much snow. I’ll just have to brave the snow and shop for ugg boots sale online later.
^^Our neighboring apartment’s garden.


  1. my friends are playing in the snow today. so sad i’m back in the philippines i missed the fun but good thing I didn’t have to suffer the heavy snowfall and the thick snow formations. Be careful outside Ms. Betch! πŸ™‚

  2. oh wow ate betchay!
    it’s pretty! i’ve always wanted to live in a place where there’s far i’ve lived in saudi where there’s sandstorms and here in the philippines where there are floods..:D
    pero ayoko rin tumira sa ganyan kalamig gusto ko lang maexperience..XD take care and happy new year ate betch! :))

    1. hi areej! bearable naman ang lamig pero nakakairita ang slush pagkatapos ng snowfall… madulas kasi… pero in fairness ang pretty ng paligid

    1. Hi Rick… sobra ang ginaw… madulas ang kalsada at marami ang nahihirapan umandar… may anti-freeze naman na nilalagay sa mga sasakyan pero yun nga pag madulas eh hirap umarangkada πŸ™‚

  3. Waaah sayang hindi ko inabutan yung snow. Gusto ko pa naman maexperience yan! Sayang talaga. I’m so inggit. Haha. Hi Betchay! πŸ™‚

  4. kelangan ko na rin ng boots!!haha grabe, stuck nga po kami nung monday sa jeju airport for 6 hours. buti nakalipad pa rin but instead na sa gimpo, sa incheon kami lumapag. happy new year po ms.betchay and be careful! πŸ™‚

  5. Ate Betchay, I have one request. LOL. Will you blog about on how to survive winter season in Korea, the do’s & dont’s, what to wear etc. LOL. Yay! I’m so excited to experience my first snow. πŸ˜€ Thanks ate!

    1. When are you leaving for Seoul? I was like that din last month before leaving for Seoul kasi natatakot ako sa subzero temperature BUT my friends told me na super bearable naman daw ang cold for us who are from the tropics.
      Layer. Don’t stock up on winter clothes (am assuming you’re from the Philippines) because you can’t use them back home. Sayang lang sa money and bibigat pa ang luggage mo. πŸ™‚
      Those bubble jackets really help in keeping your body insulated. In my trip last month, I brought jackets, cardigans a trench coat and a bubble jacket with me. Basically those that you usually wear here in the Philippines to ward the cold off.
      I brought (flat) boots too and a flat shoes (in case I get tired from walking). Fortunately, my boots withstood all the walking and the snow. I had a problem walking down slopes though because my boots lack grip but almost all of us naman had a hard time walking sa snow. Madulas kasi talaga. But I guess sure bet talaga yung UGGS. πŸ™‚ **Pero marami ako nakakasakay sa subway na naka-heels. Bilib ako.
      Bring mufflers, mittens, scarves and hats (beanies, bonnet, etc). Pwedeng one of each lang naman para hindi ka mahirapan sa pagdala. Super nakatulong yung mittens/gloves kasi kamay ko yung unang nilalamig and nagva-violet talaga minsan kamay ko pag naiiwan ko pag di ko nadadala. :))
      For my pambaba naman, I survived the cold and the snow wearing just jeans but in most days I wore lang my leggings and the stockings I got from Terranova then I’m good to go. I think because I’m quite on the plus size side, I’m well insulated than my other friends. My upper body tend to feel cold easily than my lower half kasi. I’d usually wear 2-3 layers na pantaas then leggings lan and socks sa pambaba.
      As for the don’ts, hhmm… Oh! If you’re going to go shopping, displays in Myeongdong are for winter season so if you might want to visit Forever 21 na lang. Their displays are for all seasons. HAHA.
      Enjoy walking sa lamig. I enjoyed it ibang klase while sumisinghot-singhot pa kasi malamig. Pag balik mo kasi ng Pilipinas, 😐 LOL
      Enjoy the subway. Heated naman, sarap.
      Oh yeah moisturize your lips often and syempre hydrate yourself din. Moisturize your face too and your skin kasi nakakadry ang lamig. I swear yung friend ko naging flaky yung legs after namin mag Nami-seom. Tawa na lang kami sabay pahid ng petroleum jelly.
      You’re going to love SK. I got more attached ata sa subway system nila e. Liberating kasi hanggang ngayon nag-iimagine ako na I’ve to find my way from this station to this station. Hilarious!
      Yun lang ang naiisip ko ngayon hope Ms. Betchay won’t mind me hogging the space and answering your query. Nevertheless, I’m sure Ms. Betchay can provide you with a more comprehensive survival guide.

      1. Hi unicahija! Thanks, thanks much! Yep, I am from PH. I went to SK last Aug so it’s mainit pa, Summer pa kasi. And balik ako SK to study for two years. πŸ™‚
        LOL. Apir! I love Myeong-dong! And their subway system is simply amazing. After namin maligaw nung una, kabisado na namin nung sunod. LOL. Once again, salamat! πŸ™‚

  6. hi ms. betchay! my friends and i visited seoul for the first time last november and we enjoyed it so much! I’ll be going back there but this time with my bf on late april. It’s spring time na there no? What’s the average temperature there around that time? colder than baguio ba?

  7. beautiful snow, i think winter is cool and exicting.
    ugg boots is the most popular footwear in this winter.
    good post, i will come back to read your blog later.

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