Roller Coaster's Jung Ga Eun

It’s no wonder that Jung Ga Eun is currently the top newsmaker in Daum today. It started yesterday when netizens discovered her 셀카 (sel-ka) or self shot with top stars Jang Dong Gun, Lee Na Young, Jo Seung Woo, Eric and more. In fact, I was just talking about her in our class last week.
Jung Ga Eun is one of the stars of the cable TV show 롤러코스터 “Roller Coaster“, which explores the life of men and women in a really funny way. She is a popular CF model and the first person that will remind you of her when she smiles is Song Hye Gyo. Jung Ga Eun may be in her 30s but she’s really attractive and sexy. She’s a popular model and she’d done CFs from coffee to insurance advertising? Not really.
I’m not sure if Roller Coaster is available online, but IMO it’s one of the most entertaining Korean shows on TV – along with Young Ae Ssi (shortened title).


    1. is it available with English subs? i mean, i don’t visit Kdrama sites so just asking… wanna share it with my relatives

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