Surviving Winter

I’ve been hearing from news reports almost on a daily basis that “tomorrow will be colder than today.” Today’s news is no exception. It was -10 degrees today in Seoul but of course, the “real feel” is a lot lower than that. I also thought that today was the coldest by far this winter and it wasn’t even windy.
We’ve been turning on the heater a lot these days compared to the previous winters. Last year, I would only turn on the boiler at night, usually for around 8 hours, and turn it off during the day. This winter, we’ve been using the heater from 7PM till 11AM the following morning. The government had even announced a possible blackout due to the power demand. I hope that will never happen!
How do you survive the cold weather if you’d spent more than two decades of your life in a country where the weather is just perfect? When I go to work, I wear three layers of clothing. First, I put on thermal underwear or what we call “ne-bok” in Korean. Then I wear wool pants or jeans with lining and a wool sweater. I have five winter jackets or coats but the one that I use most often is my goose down jacket as it’s thick and it’s really warm. I rarely use my wool coat since I don’t want to spend 15,000 won (almost US$15) for dry cleaning every time I use it. Of course, I always wrap a muffler around my neck every time I go out. It really makes a big difference.
The winter weather here is quite dry. At home, I hang a wet towel in our room. I had stopped using a humidifier years ago at the recommendation of a doctor :). Outside, I always carry with me a tube of hand cream – I use Atrix strong protection cream. I hate static shock! I almost always experience it whenever I touch modern furniture. There is a spray that prevents static shock but I just wear a metal wristwatch and that seems to take care of it.
It’s already the middle of January and soon winter will be over. The only thing that makes it bearable (for me!) is the thought that after winter comes spring. And oh I can’t wait for the cherry blossoms to bloom!


  1. it’s the same here. usually, DC doesn’t get that much snow, but this year we got a lot and my heater has been going on non-stop. i’m a bit stressing out about my electric bill…lol. i want spring already, and i hope it comes soon.
    .-= kayni´s last blog ..Yearning For Normalcy =-.

    1. hi kayni! electricity isn’t that expensive here in Korea… we pay less than USD 20 a month… it’s the gas bill that i’m worried about

  2. my korean student kept on complaining about the fuel cost this winter.. i didn’t know it’s really that serious…

  3. This is the first time someone have talk about static shock and I’m so thankful you mentioned some tips to get rid of it. Metal wristwatch? I have one but I’m not wearing it- I think I will be wearing it from now on. I tend to have strong static electricity when I wear acrylic or nylon clothes, I often have shocks opening/closing taxi doors. Thanks for the info.

  4. Ate Betchay, salamat po sa entry na ito. Sorry if I keep on appearing here in your blog. Hehe. I like reading your posts.

  5. It’s cold here but not really snowing on central part. One of the best things I like about CA. We don’t like the patchy fog, though. It’s just hard to drive in the morning where you can’t see anything.
    .-= eden´s last blog ..White Christmas =-.

  6. Hi there! Just wondering if the cherry blossoms have started blooming yet? I’ll be in Seoul last week of March and I have my fingers crossed!

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