Lee Jong Su and Han Sang Jin goes to Cebu!

Still awake at 1AM despite the fact that I have to go to work today. I’m hoping this is temporary and that I won’t need to take sleep pills to go to sleep. Anyway…
On Tuesday morning, an episode of MBC’s “Glorious Day” showed Korean actors Lee Jong Su and Han Sang Jin in Cebu. I was preparing brunch that time so I didn’t really see the whole show. The two actors worked together in the MBC historical drama “Yi San” about the life of King Jeong Jo.
They visited a wet market in Cebu and they thought that it looked like a Dongdaemun market in the 80s. They said that they felt “jeong” or connection with the people in the market in the Philippines compared to when they visited a market in Europe. They bought bananas that they brought on an island trip for a little more than 200 won!
Oh, they were shown going to a restaurant. They had Koreanized Chinese food in Cebu – jajjang myeon and tang suyuk!
The two guys also went to a spa at their hotel. There were three female attendants. Han Sang Jin asked the girls who they thought is more good looking, nicer, and more appealing. All three ladies answered Han Sang Jin. Personally, I thought Lee Jong Su is more manly but then the ladies thought that Han has a “baby face”.


  1. Thanks for this.
    Funny naman. One of my friends on Fizzer.ph who is now based in Cebu and is also familiar with Korean showbiz will love this. Hope you don’t mind if I share.

    1. Me too!!! Those two are my most favorite characters in Yisan. My whole family just finished watching it, and now having a rerun. It was an excellent series, almost as good as Queen Seondeok. The thing I like the best in Yisan is the comedy, it has more than QSD.
      How I wish I can find a video of their vacation in cebu…hopefully in youtube there is.
      Anyway, as to who is good looking between them, well they both are. Han Sang Jin has a baby face and Lee Jong Soo is manly, I agree. Hmm but I prefer Lee Jong Soo a bit, because he looked somewhat like my cousin and uncle, therefore he looked a bit filipino.
      LOVE THEM BOTH!!! ^.^

  2. The Cebu Wet-market is actually a nice place to buy fresh, and I mean really FRESH, fruits and vegetables. Of course you can also get meat, fish and flowers. And the prices are max 50% of the supermarket rates.
    Get up early (you can buy things there at 3 or 4 am if you like) and you won’t have such a big crowd. Don’t wear your finest though, it is a dirty and sometimes wet place 😉
    .-= Cebu News´s last blog ..Cebu Pacific Seat sale to Hongkong, Singapore and Guangzhou =-.

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