Watch "Rated K: Biyaheng Korea"

Rated K, a show hosted by Korina Sanchez on ABS-CBN, did a special episode on Korea. “Rated K: Biyaheng Korea” was finally shown on March 7, Sunday. They featured a few famous tourist spots and Filipino “celebrities” in Korea: Prof. Abagat, Regina, Beverly Tamago of Arirang’s Talk Around and Cathy Garcia of Korea Times. One thing they have in common? They are all PINAYS!
They also featured LG Electronics, shopping in Korea and Korean food. I wonder if Korina actually tried tteokbokki – the spicy rice cake. Be careful on the spicy food, one might need hemorrhoidal treatment later.
Korina Sanchez also interviewed BOF-er Gu Hye Sun (or Koo Hye Sun) – her voice was dubbed though! It would have been better if they just showed a subtitled translation. If you missed “Rated K: Biyaheng Korea”, you can catch it here.


  1. I was able to watch this last night. Nabitin ako sa episode last night. With regards to the dubbed interview, mas maganda talaga kung may subtitle na lang! Anyway, thanks to last night’s episode, Lalo tuloy akong natakam pumunta ng Korea… Hay, I wish I’d have the opportunity to work there.

  2. Parang ang ganda sa Korea. Mura siguro electronics dun. Pambihira yung mga pinakita kagabi. Hay! sana magkaroon din ako sa bahay ko. Di na ako lalabas ng bahay. hehe šŸ˜€ Yung pinakita na red and black, meron na ba sa Pinas nun? Cute!

    1. oh i like that TV… yung parang old style? nakikita ko lagi sa E-mart… mga $200 ata… gusto ko nga rin nun eh…
      hindi mura electronics dito… may regular brand and may premium brand mga manufacturers… ang sure lang ay made in korea yung binibiling samsung at lg dito

  3. i was waiting to see you being interviewed. the show itself sounded as if it was sponsored in full or in part by lg collins. ang haba ng feature sa kanila. i thought they were going to feature korean-filipino families and how they are coping.

    1. i thought the same, that it was sponsored in part by LG. they used a lot of promotional clips from korea tourism.

    1. ngiii! ni hindi ko nga ma-post litrato ko rito eh… LOL
      nag-email sila pero hindi na ako sumagot ng nag-suggest sila ng interview…
      si Jaz, in-snub niya interview… hindi na siya ma-reach eh šŸ˜€

      1. oist loka baka maniwala yung mga nagbabasa dito na nang-snub nga ako nuh~ eh mukha ngang ikaw nang snub eh hehehe, at least ako sinagot ko e-mail nila nuh~ :p
        prob is when they were calling and texting me eh may taping ako, and i told them i already sent them my reply thru mail.
        enihoo, cat knows why i had to turn ’em down šŸ˜‰

  4. Hi! I had a chance to watch Rated K! Actually, i really waited for it. I was in Korea two weeks ago for a tour and my hangover went to the highest level when i saw the episode. It feels nice! Definitely, infinite Korea! =)

  5. hi! i miss the video of biyaheng korea. i tried to search and i failed can you please post it again. im interested to see the life of filipinos staying there. i read the article but i wanted to see the video. awaiting. thanks

  6. anyway, my hubby and i enjoyed watching rated K.
    ms. betchay, may tanong lang po ako. diba you mentioned in 1 of your blogs that a researcher from “rated K” sent you an e-mail. im just wondering…did u actually get to meet ms. korina sanchez in person? or any of the “rated K” staff?

  7. hmm, i’ve watched it too.. hehe, i’m very interested to work in Korea after passing the board exem. is there any job offering for electronics engineers in korea?

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