Korea's Top BB Cream

When it comes to Korean cosmetic, I get asked most about the best BB cream. I’m not an expert on BB creams. I’m not an expert at all when it comes to make-up, as I’m not really “kikay”. If I could get away without putting on make-up at all, I’d do that. However, I have a family and a husband to take care of. In this society, appearance counts big time!
Anyway, what is the top BB cream in Korea? According to CMN (and TNS Media), it is Missha’s Perfect Cover with a market share of 10.8%. It overtook Hanskin, which was the top brand last year.
Top BB Creams in Korea:
1. Missha
2. Hanskin
3. Skin79
4. The Face Shop
5. Mamonde
This year, Missha launched their new BB cream product: Signature Real Complete BB Cream with SPF 25. It retails for 23,300 won and is available in 21 and 23. Hmm, my BB cream is almost gone. I might just get this next week 😉


  1. in my case, i use enprani all that BB cream for all skin types.medyo mahal nga lang.for skin lotion, i use soryeonhan with ginseng extract, i also use their twincake and lipstick,while i use isa knox eyeshadow(from lg cosmetics except for enprani), i dont like using cosmetics with strong scent because i have allergy.

    1. i’d like to try other brands too but the problem is they are soooo expensive and if they don’t suit me, it’s like money down the drain…
      for makeup, i still use an american brand because of the color variety…

  2. hi!
    are you selling this missha BB cream? gusto ko po sana subukan. Paano kaya ako makakabili? how much po kaya ito in Php?

    1. hi lady! i could buy it for you… still working on the online store… hope to open this april

      1. hi!i’ve been wanting to try out missha bb cream since i learned about it in the net but cant find it here n qatar. I tried ordering via e bay but they require credit card and i dont have one since my husband and I are too scared of the word CREDIT.hehehe.Anyways,do you guys know anyone here in Qatar and would be too nice to sell me Missha BB cream #21?Well,no one can blame for trying.Girl got to do what a girl got to do when it comes to beauty.
        And one more thing what do you guys suggest is the best shade for me . I am a fair skinned filipino female.

      2. Hi Good day,
        Just wanna know where can i buy Missha in Korea? Is there a store there where i can buy this product? I’m looking for Missha M Perfect Cover B.B. Cream SPF 42 PA+++21. Thank you in advance.

      1. Hi Betchay, any info on this bb cream for men? brand? where to buy, thank you. I’m not gay though. LOL

  3. i really choose to use this BB creams since i met my korean boyfriend super ganda nya talga gamitin … and last sat. we walk at the mall and i saw it nasa 700+ sya … i promise to buy it this week before we go to korea =]

  4. Hi Ms. Betchay,
    Please do inform us naman once the online shop has been opened. ^_^ Need new products soon eh.
    Thank you very much,

  5. i do agree that MISSHA is the best when it comes to BB creams.
    not heavy on the skin.

  6. Hi! I came across your blog while searching the net for about BB creams.. can you please let me know how much in Php the Missha BB cream would cost?
    Thanks a lot!

  7. Hi! I came across your blog while searching the net about BB creams.. can you please let me know how much in Php the Missha BB cream would cost?
    Thanks a lot!

  8. I came across this site looking for the best bb creams 🙂 seems everyone is on the hunt :)) in manila, there’s a Missha shop located at the sm north edsa annex area 🙂 just to help 🙂

  9. Can I use BB creams? I’m 15 years old. Is it safe for my age? Is it hypo-allergenic? Doesn’t clog pores? What kind of BB cream suits me best? My face is combination skin. (the oily part is on T-zone only)

    1. Hi Annya! Payong ate, you’re just 15 and the best beauty product for you to use is sunscreen. Yan ata pinagsisihan ko na hindi ako nag-start ng maaga.

  10. where can i get this? i converted it to peso and it’s around 900 only, pretty much affordable too..hope you could buy me one or hope to have your website to make an order..thanks…

  11. thanks for the enlightenment! I feel like Rip Van Winkle, awakening to the beauty world. You have a loyal following here.

  12. hei guyss.. just want to ask if i can use gonna use this bb cream? coz im onl 19 yrs old and i dont now if its suits my fair oily skin tnx a lot

  13. for me..i tried many of these..but the perfect one for me is the etude house bb cream in sheer glow..perfect! light feel, not greasy, hides really my blemishes, lasts longer, no cakey effect..im also impressed with skin79’s..

  14. Hi poh! Pwede na poh ba ang BB cream sakin I’m 13 years old.. I want to buy a bb cream pero baka hindi pa po pwde sakin.. Oily kasi face ko tapos maraming black heads.. What’s the best that I can do? para maalis ang oily skin ko tska black heads.. Advice po please…

    1. hello there^^..
      just wanna share..i’ve tried different kinds of BB cream: missha,skinfood,hera,etude,tonymoly..and many other brands. I like etude’s BB cream the most coz of the color..I have no problems with other brand’s BB cream, it’s just that i haven’t found a color that suits my skin. I’m tan and most of the bb creams i’ve tried are lighter than my skin. Luckily i found one in ETUDE house (BB magic cream Spf30)..and i so love it. I also have etude’s Precious Mineral BB cream but again, i dont like the color..Ang hirap if tan ang skin..hehe..I believe most SM stores have etude house..Here in cebu, there’s one..so i can buy it easily.It’s a bit expensive though, compared to the price in korea. I’m so into it really..I can’t go out of the house without BB cream on.
      Other korean shops like Faceshop and skinfood also have BB cream..and Maybelline also has now. But i recommend BB cream that is made in korea. My friends and i really like it. Give it a try!^^

  15. I tried a lot on my skin and nothing seems to work. Is that ok for my skin? I just want to cover it for my acne marks.

  16. can i use bb cream for my skin i have a lil melasma on my face is it fine to use bb cream i will go to korea for a visit for 15 days and be back again here in manila thank you so much.

  17. hi..i was looking for the best korean bb cream online when i came across your blog..is etude bb cream priced lower in korea than their stores here in the phils?i bought 1miniature set from skin 79 online and was waiting for it to be delivered.i want to try it first.im planning to sell it here pero firstly i need to know for myself if they are really effective and worth the money..

    1. hello po ate marani hecita .ask lang po ako if may mabibili po bang Etude house BB cream po ata yun?paxenxa na po hehe..got curious.me also have a little bit scars,large pores in my face.kakahiya kasi po pawisin ako.pag.may party po kame nakakainis kasi oily face ko,nawawala po yung foundation sa mukha ko.dito po sa forum na eto paramg mas n.curious ako lalo what rally is BB cream,i think it will have a great help for my oily face.pls po ate.meron po ba nyan sa mga SM sa Quezon City?like doon po sa Sm fairview,north edsa.pls po..tanx 😀

      1. hi marian i think BB cream from etude is all over sm branches here in manila yes try etude bb cream maganda sa face unlike the foundation much better un bb cream i just came home from korea and i bought bb cream missha and i have etude and skin 79 also try korean cosmetics im sure you will love it…

    2. hi marani hecita ,yes ofcourse in korea bb cream is mich cheaper unlike here in phils. i have been in korea several times and i really like korean cosmetics and they give so many freebies unlike here you cant get any freebies anyway yes it is effective and im sure you will really love it.

    1. yes but konti lang un uwi ko bb cream sold out na lahat ,this year we are trying to go back to experience thanskgiving in korea message kita Mean..thanx

  18. Hi magkano ung mga bb cream s korea? smae price din ba? kasi ung father ko nasa korea ngaun ehh baka mas mura doon n lang ako mgppabili 🙂

  19. hi i heard there is Missha in Sm North edsa upper grnd level..But i bet it is more expensive than in Korea sometimes they sell it more than half the price..My idea will range into 800 to 920 in ebay and sulit for 50 ml..But in korea it is way cheaper there 🙂

  20. Are your products available in the Philippines? Can we really buy & get those from you? ’cause they’re not in peso, I want them so badly :))))

  21. I saw BB cream for men at the mall, its THE FACE SHOP. dun lang nyo yan ma bibili. Try nyo sa ayala at sm malls. meron yan dun.
    Have tried it after few weeks, parang bumata at kuminis yung skin ng face ko..
    I recommend 100%, effective with no side effects.
    this is suitable for all skin types and its mild scented.
    IT will cost you around 890-990 plus in Php.

  22. hi ms. bechay, i’m a guy and i just wanted to have clear face texture like koreans without having ghost face like color. i just wanted know if you could recommend a good bb cream but not that expensive since guys have much darker skin shade than girls. I have lighter skin than moreno’s but i’m not that fair. I would appreciated your reply. Thanks!

  23. Hello,
    I recently just got a peel, and the next day I wore BB cream from misha for the first time. I don’t know if its the BB cream that I have an allergy reaction to or the peel, but my face is filled with rash it itches really bad. I really can’t indicate which product made me have that reaction. Perhaps anyone had the same effect with the bb cream?

  24. hello guys!
    im from bcolod,.i really wnt to try missha bb cream but i dont know where i can buy here in bclod…i think d only korean store here is the face shop in sm..maybe i wud try to use d bb cream in the face shop..

  25. ”how me can buy this product? i’m from malaysian..i want buy this product but i dont know how much the price this product . .then how much this product if use malaysian money..not korean money? ?

  26. is there bb cream for dark skinned people??cuz im korean, i’ve never used bb cream before…im too tanned…so yeah..i need some advise plz comment

    1. Hi Soyeon! You might want to try The Face Shop’s Quick n Clean (but it doesn’t have sunscreen), Zamian’s Gold Caviar, Skinfood’s Mushroom BB or BRTC’s Gold Caviar or Aqua Rush BB.

  27. Hi ,
    I have dry skin and also some freckles…. I want a BB cream that has good coverage but natural look….. can anyone suggest ?

    1. I have had orders for Oriks. I’ve never tried it though. I’m currently using BRTC gold caviar and I like it.

  28. Hi Im Yuri currently living in korea, Im 23 so i used to try all the korean cosmetics here in korea,as for my opinion, if your living in phil. I suggest u should use water base bb creams, ..early 20’s should use bb mild kind bb creams which u can buy in etude,tony moly,holika holika,peripera,liole, coz those are like the top brand stores for bb creams here in korea..20 above should use bb creams from mamonde,missha,faceshop,innesfree,skinfood,sulwalsso,iope,isanox,laneige,product from amore pacific,its kinda expenssive though… and so many many stores…actually it depends on what type your skin is..and consider also the weather in your country coz that matters too..and the type of skin toner,lotion or emulsion you used..well i don’t know much with other people but for me yeah,i do consider everything,even the face powder,and of course on how u apply it…

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