Teacher Training at the Women's Center

I’ve been attending classes intermittently at the Women (Im)migrants Human Rights Center in Sungin-dong in Seoul since 2006. I haven’t been there since I started working last year but the Korean staff still call or send me messages from time to time whenever they have a special program.
The last time I was at the Women’s Center, I was training to teach Filipino culture to young Koreans and Korean language class for beginners. Too bad I was forced to work full time (I originally intended to work part time but my “wonjangnim” or school director talked me into accepting a full time job). I was cornered!
Anyway, I attended three or four sessions of the classes mentioned before I stopped. The teacher training for culture classes were only available to Filipinas, Vietnamese and Chinese; while intermediate students were invited to attend the teacher training for the Korean language class. As far as I know, there is no specific requirement with regards to educational attainment.
Last Thursday, I received a message from the Women’s Center inviting me to attend the training once again. The teacher training started last Friday at 10:30 AM. I might just visit the Center once again since I’d like to continue their free Korean classes. If you’re a Filipina married to a Korean and hoping to get a teaching job, it would be helpful if you can somehow speak Korean.


  1. here in jeonju i attend the friday quilting class at bukjikwan.i am enjoying it,but it’s limited only to 10 foreign spouses.lucky me. i was able to get a spot …kaya ayan marami na akong nabiling pang quilt sa internet.much much cheaper than the ones in our teacher’s store..same quality though

  2. BTW..our quilting class is free.i am buying quliting fabric to make my own after learning from our teacher, a much better finished one..bale yung gawa namin sa bukjikwan is my basis for my better finished own products…so far the last one we did last friday is a wallet…

  3. hi po miss betchay.. can i ask po if possible na i can find an employer regarding English teaching jobs dian sa korea? i wanted to land an opportunity dian sa seoul.. korea. 😀

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