2010 Multicultural Essay Contest

My parents-in-law visited us last week and he told me that if I wanted to go back to school, I should just tell him and he’d foot the bill. I was so excited that I started to look for info on gmat prep. I didn’t realize that his offer has a condition and that is I could only study in Korea. Anyway, what’s important is that he made me feel like a real daughter to him.
Anyway, this post is about the essay contest that the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Public Administration and the Korea Semaeul Undong Center is sponsoring. It is in celebration of the 3rd Together Day.
Who can participate:
– Category A: Marriage immigrants and their families
– Category B: Non-Korean students, non-Korean workers, Koreans with foreign nationality
– Category C: Volunteer workers, mentors, and sponsors working for non-Koreans
What to write:
– A motive for migration, joys and sorrows and other life stories of marriage migrants
– Experiences of students and workers in Korea
– Stories of left behind family members in writer’s country of birth or why he/she had to come to Korea
– Episodes from cultural difference and experiences of adapting to the Korean society
– Experiences of volunteers for multicultural families and workers
– Language: Korean
– 3-5 pages, A4 size
Where to submit:
– Visit the homepage of Together Day(www.togetherday.kr) and upload your essay at the participation page
– Or send an essay to
Essay Contest Manager, Social Integration Division,
Korea Immigration Service, Ministry of Justice
8F, N/C department store, #1-19 Byeorang-dong
Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi province
Phone: 02)500-9155

– Or Essay Contest Manager, Local Autonomy Administration
Division, Ministry of Public Administration and Security
#1210, 55 Central Government Complex, Jongro-gu, Seoul, Phone:

-Or Essay Contest Manager, Project Support Division, Saemaul Undong Center
#627 Yeongdongdaero, Gangnam-go, Seoul, Phone: 02)2600-3781

– Period: March 8, 2010 to April 25, 2010
– Winner announcement: May 10, 2010 – Together Day homepage and the homepage of organizers
– Each category shall have 13 winners: 1 first prize, 2 2nd prizes and 10 3rd prizes
– First prize: Certificate and 1 million won
– Second prize: Certificate and 700,000 won
– Third prize: Certificate and 300,000 won
– Essays or stories that have already been released are not eligible for the contest.
– Submitted essays are not returned. Any patents and other ownership of the winning essays revert to the organizers.
– Prize awarding details may be altered depending on the level of participation. If there are no appropriate candidates, awards may be canceled.
– If the winner is found to have involved in any wrongdoings such as plagiarism or submitting already published essays, the award will be canceled and the certificate and prize money will be redeemed.
– Deadline and announcement schedule may be altered due to unforeseen circumstances of the organizers.
Remember that the essay should be in Korean!


  1. Hello ate…
    Pwede bang magpatulong sa iba in the translation process with regards to korean language?

  2. Thank you so much for the info Ms. Betchay. I really like to try this one but the problem is that I am not that fluent in Hangeul. Is it possible if i can write an essay in english & then my husband will translate it? thank you poh ^^

    1. hi lay! I think that’s okay. They didn’t specifically say that you can’t ask someone to translate in Korean. I’m also thinking the same thing but I don’t really have a lot of time.

      1. I am really getting good information from you Ms. Betchay! Thank you very much! ^^ oh just a follow-up question…how did you learn the korean language Ms. Betchay? I am attending a korean class but honestly i am not getting good at it ^^

  3. the topics are kinda easy. i just wish i have the patience to study.
    laykim: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. no excuses, because ability doesn’t come and go like a dream.

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