Minbangui (Civil Defense Drill)

March 14 is White Day and it’s also the day (in this part of the world) that Manny Pacquiao won against Joshua Clottey in their match in Dallas, TX. Traditionally, men in Korea give candies to their partners. My husband didn’t but he made “ho tteok” for us instead. It was good!
March 15, Monday, will be a rainy day. We should also be expecting “hwangsa” or yellow sand from China. It’s really spring! This season in Korea is characterized not only by beautiful flowers but also with rainy days (and a number of them fall on weekends) and yellow sand or dust. Bring a mask!
Also on March 15, Monday, don’t forget to bring your camcorder with you. It’s a special day 😉 Around Seoul, one would find white flags with the characters “민방위” written on them. What should be expected on this day? I wrote about it last year – civil defense drill on March 15.


    1. Hi Bei! First week of April is usually mild. Long sleeved shirts or sweaters topped with a jacket or cardigan is okay. It’s a good time to visit Korea.

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