Incheon Airport

One of my favorite places in Korea is the Incheon International Airport. To me, it’s just like a mall and it’s actually more interesting than a shopping mall.
Last Saturday, my mother had a 10-hour layover on her way to Los Angeles. She took the Asiana flight to Clark from LAX for a two-week vacation in the Philippines. It’s just so convenient since our house in Angeles City is just outside the Clark Freeport Zone. Only 15 minutes away from the airport. We picked her up at 6 o’clock in the morning and brought her to Seoul. We rested for a few hours and then we left for Emart first before going back to the airport.
^^ Notice how yellowish the picture is? It’s because of the yellow dust or yellow sand. It causes a variety of health problems, usually respiratory. I wonder if might also require one to get hair loss cure after years of exposure.
^^ Flags along the road going to Incheon Airport.
^^ Just a few kilometers away…
^^ It’s kinda hard taking a picture when you’re in a moving car.
^^ The departure area is on the third floor while the arrival is on the first floor.
^^ We arrived at the airport one hour before the flight. We just took a few pictures and said our goodbyes. My son wanted to ride an airplane too. He was almost in tears. We just brought him to the west wing where he saw a plane taxiing to the terminal.
^^ A Skinfood store on the first floor, just outside the arrival area B.
^^ It’s spring at the Incheon Airport. Center lobby of the arrival area. In front of McD’s.
^^ There’s a free WIFI at the airport. If you need the internet but don’t have a computer, there are internet service stands all over the place. It’s only 500 won.
^^ All the islands are decorated with plants.
^^ It’s spring and yet some people are still dressed in head-to-toe black. I was holding two cans of drink and a bottle of milk while taking this picture.
^^ Etude House and Aritaum, also at the arrival areas.
^^ Aside from the numerous information centers, there are also touchscreen computers at the airport to help you.
^^ Love the greens. See the couple PDA-ing? On the right is a convenience store – Family Mart.
^^ This is where one could purchase the bus ticket.
^^ Yellow dust reached 466 micrograms per cubic meter last Saturday. This was at 4PM.
^^ This is the main airport building as seen from parking area H4.
I just Incheon Airport. It’s so clean and so interesting. I could just sit in one place and watch the people pass by. There are shops offering a variety of things. There are convenience stores and various restaurants, and of course a jjimjilbang (or Korean spa). One time, we went to Eulwang beach and we couldn’t resist stopping by the airport just to use the toilet. We paid for parking! I just enjoy going there. I hope our next vacation would come soon!


  1. I agree with the airport’s toilets. I lurked inside for like half an hour while trying to locate my friend. Super clean, andaming tissue and mabango. ^^ That picture you took in Arrival D brought me bittersweet memories. Too long a story but thanks for taking that pic. 🙂

  2. Hello 🙂
    i was just curious and bored, so i decided to search blogs in google about korea…haha. then i stumble upon ur blog…
    so ur pinay and living in korea?
    i am too 🙂
    is it fun and nice there?, coz once i graduate college i’m planning on going there for vacation…i really wanna go shopping there hehe…
    oh, btw…so u speak korean???

  3. the flags, plants, and internet booths are new to me. Maybe I just didn’t notice it before. I got to agree with you, the airport is nice, very convenient and clean. It’s quite an interesting place really. Lots of things you could do while you’re there.

  4. Heard Incheon Airport is really nice. Are we allowed to bring cameras in airports? Just wondering. I’m scared that it might get confiscated when we go through the customs for checking.
    .-= eden´s last blog ..A Day At Pismo Beach etc. =-.

    1. hi eden! it’s really nice and yes you can bring a camera… they aren’t very strict with personal belongings especially if you’re a tourist

      1. I’ve been looking for this info. I am really happy to come across with your blog..thanks a lot 😀

  5. i remember, delayed flight namin pabalik Manila kaya naglakad-lakad ako sa Incheon Airport. nakita ko yung Etude House, i spent all my remaining Korean Won inside their store. 🙂

  6. this really looks more like a mall. i hope that i’ll get a stop over here in my future flights…maybe i can shop for Korean cosmetics…lol. i hope the yellow dust is subsiding. it’s all over the news here.
    .-= kayni´s last blog ..Beautiful Blogger =-.

  7. naia is just a hole in a wall compared to other asian airports. incheon is a showcase of korean architecture and wealth that they achieved in such a short time from ruins of the korean war. i’m so envious of their achievement

    1. Prepare documents for tourist visa. Lodge your application at the embassy. Wait for your visa’s approval. Buy your RT tickets to SK and enjoy!

  8. Hi Ms. Betchay 🙂
    You’re blog is really helpful. And I pray that my comment will be able to reach you.
    We will go to Seoul this Thursday. However, we are kind of worried about the train and bus schedule because we will be arriving at 9PM. We might get out of the airport at 11PM (the latest) already. Will there still be buses and trains available by that time? What form of transportation would you suggest for we will be staying at Rainbow Hotel in Yongsan-gu? Will be waiting for you reply. Thank you 🙂

  9. I love airports and Incheon is really so beautiful. I just came home from a trip in Korea and I want to stay longer in Incheon airport…hehehe….

  10. i haven’t had the chance to visit your blog for quite a while now and i’m glad you’re still active in blogging… 🙂
    that airport really does look like a mall. i want to walk around there too. reading this gave me an idea when the time comes for me to go visit the Phils. for a vacation. i’ll do what your mom did…take Asiana flight to Clark from LAX since i’ll be heading to Zambales once i get there. at least, Clark is not that far from Zambales compared to Manila…

  11. Hi friends…I really need your help. I forgot my phone on Incheon airport bus, 6030. How can I get this? huuuuuuuuuuuu. I hope your help. If there is someone known, plz help me. plz…………….

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