Anne Curtis swimsuit malfunction

I received a lot of private messages this morning for requests to delete pictures of Anne Curtis, when she had a swimsuit malfunction, posted on an online forum. Of course, I’d seen the pictures since I was directed there. PEP also did a story on the issue.
The swimsuit malfunction happened at the taping of a summer special episode of the noontime Sunday variety show “ASAP XV” in Boracay on March 21. Thankfully, the show isn’t live and the production staff would have the time to edit it out. Unfortunately though, there were lots of people with cameras that time. Lots of sexy and “macho” bods, built with protein powder, at the white sandy beaches of Boracay but Anne Curtis is a celebrity.
Anne Curtis’ management has appealed to the public not to distribute or post the picture. I think they’re too late. Anyway, you won’t find the said picture here. She is a part of the team that spearheaded “Shop&Share PH”, a project to help victims of typhoon Ondoy last year.


  1. grabe! the pictures spread like wild fire sa internet. As a matter of fact i just received an email with pic regarding the incident and I opted not to forward it, babae rin ako and I feel for her.

    1. that’s so true foxylady… i had a lot of visitors yesterday, probably looking for that picture… well, they won’t find it here πŸ™‚

  2. I also made a post about the issue but no malfunction related photo of course. I agree that the photos should been kept in private.

  3. Anne wag ka kc mag suot na maluwang na pantaas.. Maliit kc ung boobs mo kaya nahubaran ka…. Anne pakita mo din ung isa para dalawa na cla.hahaha

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