Pizza School: the 5,000 won pizza

Who doesn’t like pizza? Whenever I need a quick pizza fix, I just drop by the nearest “Pizza School” branch. Their large-sized pizzas start at 5,000 won (about $5) and there are about a dozen flavors available. Last weekend when my husband visited his parents, I and my son dropped by “Pizza School” after spending time at Seoul Plaza and Gwanghwamun. While I would’ve ordered pepperoni, my son insisted on getting just the cheese pizza. He likes his food simple, just like his father. They’re both thin while I would benefit from thermogenic fat burners.
The cheese pizza is only 5,000 won and it has not only cheese but corn as well. I bought the garlic dipping sauce for an extra 500 won. We ate the whole pizza for dinner and breakfast the next day.


  1. pizza has become universal. kimchi pizza is serve in new york or in cheunchon they fix pizza using the fiery dakkalbi (bbq sauce). at clark korean wives of airmen would serve quartered sandwich bread with kimchi on top like tiny pizza

  2. Hindi na ko magtataka kung may corn yung pizza nila. Kung dito nga sa Pinas merong Laing Pizza yung may Corn pa kaya. =)

  3. hi
    kindly let me know about school pizza in sillim .is there near sillim pizza school ?
    waiting for reply .thanks

  4. is there pizza school in sillim or near by .kindly let me know as soon as possible .thanks

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