2NE1 for Etude House

Wow! 2NE1 is really everywhere. I saw a huge poster of Bean Pole last week at the bus stop featuring Sandara Park in jeans. When I passed by Etude House yesterday, there she was again! 2NE1 for 11st posters can also be found in the subway trains, but I’ve only seen solo posters of Sandara. Well, she’s the prettiest even if she’s the oldest in the group. They couldn’t be far from endorsing other products in the future like my favorite ice cream, fried chicken house or acne treatments.


  1. i remember, back in 2007, many of my korean students hate her. it was because of that sexy pictorial where, according to my students, she looked like a whore (the one where she’s wearing black one piece with a whip on her hand). they said that she’s a humiliation. i defended her like i know her 😉
    despite technological advancements, korean remains conservative (or hypocrite?).

    1. i think younger koreans are still “conservative”…
      in the subway, i saw another poster of sandara for 11st… too bad, i haven’t charge my camera’s battery

      1. I remember, 2NE1 also endorsed BAskin Robbins.
        And yes, Bean Pole, si Sandara yung bida, meron shang malaking picture wearing those trendy faded jeans.

    2. Oh yes, i remember those photos. FHM, if i’m not mistaken? Or was it Uno magazine? Sagwa nga, sobrang hindi bagay sa image ni Sandara, coz she’s too thin and her face…basta! I cant find the right words, basta hindi talaga bagay. I thought at that time, those photos hurt her career so badly. Pang wholesome talaga ang image ni Sandara. I’m glad she went back to that wholesome image, where she really shines. Go Dara!

  2. Etude House is already here in Pinas. I think there is one in SM Megamall and Filinvest Festival Mall.
    Among the four ladies of 2NE1, Sandara is the prettiest that’s why I guess she gets more projects compared to the other girls.

  3. I’m a fan of 2ne1, and I’m happy to know that they are still in the game and their popularity is on the rise. I hope they’ll stay and if there’s a chance, visit the Philippines. I didn’t like Sandara before but I got to admit she was like a different persona now.

  4. those mag photos were used to vilify sandara. we have a saying if you say something bad to another person then you’re describing yourself. she is definitely the prettiest in the group. korea is the land of beautiful women sans make-up

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