Don't waste your vote on May 10!

Who are you voting for? Not yet decided? Read “Who is the real Dick Gordon?”😉
If there is one thing I feel bad about giving up my Filipino citizenship, it’s the fact that I couldn’t vote for the presidential election. I have always been passionate about elections and I’ve always voted the people I believe in, no matter what the surveys say.
If I were still a Filipino citizen, I wouldn’t let the opportunity to vote in the elections pass. I’m pretty sure I would be at the voting precint before they even open, and it might take me some time to see the exit signs since I would love to guard my vote. That was the case the last time I voted in the Philippines. That’s why I feel disappointed whenever I ask a Filipino here if they had voted or if they’re going to vote and then they’ll just answer “wala namang pwedeng iboto eh”… or “hindi, kasi… ”
What largely separates a non-citizen from a citizen is that right to vote. Being a Korean citizen, I don’t have the right to vote in the Philippine elections. Yet there are Filipino citizens I know, who are apparently proud of their citizenship but wouldn’t bother to vote. So what makes a non-citizen different from a citizen then?
This morning as I was chatting with my eldest sister, I asked her who she’s voting for. She said she would vote for “G”, but she thought he is not going to win so she would just vote for the candidate who could best beat the candidate she doesn’t want to win! Uh-oh. Our more than 20-year age gap didn’t stop me from speaking out. I wish not a lot of people think like her.
So who are you going to vote for on May 10? It’s your right. It’s your vote. You may just have a single vote but it could make a difference. I don’t believe that there are more Filipinos who think, analyze, evaluate, research and question. And I think that more people will vote for simple reasons (too many to enumerate), but I hope I’m wrong.


  1. you can vote pinoys overseas enjoy dual citizenship its one of the privileges granted us for remitting billions of dollars to the philippine economy. why you didnt is your choice.

  2. Unfortunately, a lot of Filipinos think that way.. they don’t necessarily vote for the one they believe in but they cast their vote on who has a better chance of winning. I will vote for Gordon, not a popular choice but I know my vote won’t be a waste because I fully support he’s capability to make the Philippines better. 🙂
    I love your Blog! I’m a Fan. ^.^

  3. i will vote for the other G…Gibo….he has a clear transparent realistic platform on how to help the country…………i feel sad for the filipinos who vote for the one whom they feel will win the election and not the one they believe in. this is not voting at all but betting….an immature approach toward a very important event….

  4. p.s. am for gibo and mar for prez and vice reason? we’ll have stunningly beautiful first and second ladies. re: dual citizenship is not given outright you’ll have to ask for it, register and pay certain fees. once you have it you can return to angeles wear your finest baro at saya and return to seoul wear your hanbok

    1. until next year, we still can’t “take advantage” of the dual citizenship… but at least i’ll have a reason to have another vacation next year ;p
      oh yeah gibo’s wife is beautiful… but shahani soledad is also good-looking

  5. actually, agree ako dun sa sinabi nang sister mo Ms.Betchay (kasi yun rin ang naisip ko). at first i was thinking of voting Gibo but then again naisip ko, it’s obvious naman that he will not win the election and obviously dalawang kandidato lang naman talaga ang maglalaban sa pinakamataas na position. So kesya naman manalo si “V”, might as well iboto ko na lang si “N”. Mas gugustuhin ko pang manalo si “N” kesa kay “V”. Choose the lesser evil ika nga.

  6. i voted for Gibo because I believe in him. and no matter what the results of the election is, i’ll still support him in the next election if he runs, and if he won’t change (his platform, his attitude, and his thinking about change). i was actually torn between Gibo and Gordon but I made up my mind with Gibo because of his “winnability” over Gibo. If only Gordon had more funds for advertisements, better visibility during the campaign period, and the Filipinos were informed about his platforms and plans, he’ll win..
    but yeah, i’m still a Filipino, and it’s our duty to support whoever seats in the Malacañang for our country’s good. whoever wins, i hope he knows that the majority trusted him. i still believe in that geniune side of these people.

    1. hi darksphere! I think what’s more important is that you voted for the candidate you believed in. If I could voted, I would probably vote for Gibo if Gordon was not a candidate 😉
      Anyway, I never expected that Gibo or Gordon would win. I also never expected that people would still vote for ERAP?! Tells us that we never learned anything from our history. So different from the attitude here where people don’t want to repeat their unpleasant history.

      1. I say NO to Erap!! Ano ba yan, hindi na natuto ang mga Pilipino (na bumoto sa kanya).
        Oh well, Filipinos have a reputation for being masayahin and mahilig sa jokes / palabiro. Pero this election thing is NOT a joke! Wag naman sanang gawing biro ang pagpili ng presidente dahil dito nakasalalay ang kaunlaran ng bansa.

  7. the election result is devastating. i’m like mourning now. i don’t know where we are heading.

    1. and we only have Dick Gordon to thank for the automated elections ;p
      what will Dick Gordon do now? continue volunteering and working for the people like what he has been doing for the past 40 years! so many accomplishments and yet the only thing that people know about him is that he’s “mayabang magsalita”… hay!

  8. I’m sad to see some familiar names included in the senatorial slot. I hate to entertain the idea that Filipinos only voted for those names which they are familiar of. Sadly it ended that way.

  9. There’s a lot of options this time but sadly, most Filipinos noticed only those who are popular for various reasons and those who have the money to make commercials.
    And I thought that people will make better decisions this time. I don’t think that there was a lack of effort to make their platforms known. Though they say that media has biases, there has been a year long campaign from ABS to be vigilant this election while GMA7 has a lot of public affairs shows like Isang Tanong and segments in their newscasts to present the presidentiables equally.
    Heck, I even listened to the interview of Nicky Perlas and JC Delos Reyes and may I say that I believe them more than those on the top of the surveys.
    Just sad that a lot of people can’t distinguish those who make “yabang” because they have something to be “mayabang” about and those who are literally just “making yabang.”
    But still in the end, we just have to go with the results of the elections and be obedient citizens because we love our country like we should always be (that is what we lack as Filipinos that Koreans have)
    I just hope that our next president loves our country the same way that his parents do.

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