Debut album of Charice on Oprah today!

I’m excited to see the May 11th show of Oprah. Our darling Charice will be there to celebrate the release of her first US album. Her single, Pyramid, featuring Iyaz is on the top of the Billboard dance charts. I like the song, although I think Charice performs it better live ;p

Her album is available for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes. I was going to order from Amazon, but I read that a deluxe version will be available at Target. That version has four more songs, including “Fingerprint” which she “sang” on Leeza Gibbons’ Oscar Party last year.
Aside from her Oprah guesting on May 11, she’ll also perform live with David Foster on QVC at 8PM EST. Live stream is available on the QVC website. Here’s wishing Charice a big success on her debut album!
P.S. Listen to “Reset”… the Tagalog-infusion isn’t bad at all. Ang ganda ng boses ni Charice ;p


  1. hi Ms B! just want to ask what do you think of HOTEL DONGDAEMUN? We will be in korea this may, just want to get some tips. =) Thanks! Appreciate it….

  2. Yesterday was Charice 18th birthday. Actually she used to be my niece schoolmate back in high school.
    My mom has always been a fan of her since she joined Little Big Star. Congratulations Charice and Happy Birthday!

  3. The first time I heard her single I was simply captivated by her style and talent. Like “wow, she sounds great, is this really charice?”.Honestly, I thought it was justin bieber…again. I’m glad it came from our own.

  4. David Foster is the perfect godfather for Charice! Seeing his eyes well up with tears on Oprah shows how much he already loves her! David is a dear, sweet person and now he has 6 lucky daughters!

  5. Charice is definitely a gifted child. On May 12, she did a cover of Justin Bieber song “baby” for fun. She sent it to Perez Hilton same day just to greet him and only for his private use. Perez was amazed and published it in his website then twitted it directly to Justin Bieber. Only a matter of 4 hours her cover spreads all over the internet and youtube. Within 48 hours the cover in Perez website are viewed by more than 190,000 viewers with more than 200 comments. Perez Hilton is rank no.#4 for most tweeted celebrities in 2010, after (1) Oprah, (2) Lady GAGA and (3) Justin Bieber. Amazing!

  6. As of writing, she debuted @ #8 in Billboard 200 🙂 She’s the 1st asian to do that.

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