The Special Day with MinHo

Dreaming of seeing Lee Min Ho in Seoul? Why not attend his fan meeting? I’m pretty sure that fans will be online tomorrow to buy tickets for this special event.
The Special Day with MINOZ will be held on the 20th of June at Kyunghee University at 3PM. It’s a Sunday so I could probably go 😉
Tickets are priced at 25,000 plus 10% VAT and 1,000 won reservation fee. They might be gone in a matter of minutes though. Anyway, I’ll try to reserve a ticket even though I’m not really a big fan. If you want to get a ticket too, just send me an email before 1130 AM on May 27.


  1. Hello again & thnx for sharing that article on LMH…i was in Korea last April (was it cold brrhhhh hehehe) & too bad didn’t see a glimpse of any celebs…me too i’m not a big fan of Lee Min but if we were there, I’d probab. go too. My fave is Ahn Jae Wook, Kim Ji Hoon of Stars Falling from the sky & when we go back God willing maybe i shld ask you where & when some concerts or any happenings would be if you won’t mind!
    BTW we’ve enjoyed every min. of our stay in Seoul, lovely place Korea….you’re so blessed to be living in best of both worlds! really Jongmal 🙂 Enjoyed shopping at Myeongdong, Nandaemun but my fave wld be Myeongdong, it’s a happy place to be & u get variety of expensive & inexpensive stuff. I luvd the bake shops too, and they’re all yummy, i miss Roti boy, I can eat maybe 3 in one sitting hehehe.

  2. waaaaaaahhhhh… nakauwi na kami by that time 🙁
    as usual, wrong timing ang travel namin (bukod sa maikli). aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh! wala na bang ibang schedules, Betchay? any more fan meeting with the stars on June? =D

  3. This reminded me that they are doing a survey here in the Philippines on who will be interested to attend Lee Min Ho’s fan meeting on August. The price is pegged at P3,500 i think and they would like to have 4,000 attendees for the event. This is exciting but I’m worried because unless you are a big, big fan, I doubt that you would be willing to spend this much. Knowing Filipinos, it might be hard to gather 4,000 attendees with this ticket price. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Maybe if his visit in the Philippines pushes through, he will also have interviews in showbiz talk shows. yey!

  4. Hi betchay! I just saw this blog of yours because a friend referred you to me.. I’m a die-hard fan of Min Ho and am badly needing help to get a ticket… Can i still get 1?

  5. I’m so amazed. If my conversion is correct… 25000 korean won is less than 1000 philippine pesos? Gosh! It’s cheaper in Korea to see all your favorite celebs – when they come here, it’s so expensive (F4 memories?!?!)

    1. I think it’s because they have to to travel and with an entourage too. Plus insurance 😉

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