The Shouts of Reds

It’s D-15 until the 2010 World Cup and this is going to be my second in Korea. I was not a fan of soccer before I came here. In fact, I didn’t understand the game until my husband explained everything to me while we were watching a 3AM match sometime during the Athens Olympics in 2004. During the 2006 World Cup, I watched the game alone. My husband was in China and I was in Korea to take care of our then 3-week old baby.
I love that the South Korea’s color is RED. I love RED. In fact, my Lumix camera is RED. And my big tote bag is also RED. 😀
Anyway, South Korea’s theme for this World Cup is called “The Shouts of Reds” sung by the rock group TRANS FIXION. I could still remember the 2002 song – O Pilsung Korea – sung by Yoon Do Hyun Band. I miss YDH’s show – Love Letters. The 2006 World Cup song – Reds Go Together – was performed by Buzz. Here are the videos of Korea’s three World Cup songs.
The 2002 World Cup Song – O Pilsung Korea (sung by Buzz on this video)

The 2006 World Cup Song – REDS Go TOGETHER

The 2010 World Cup song – The Shouts of Reds (Trans Fixion)

And here’s the Hyundai version with Big Bang, Kim Yuna and Trans Fixion.


  1. it’s amazing how Koreans unite to watch and support their national team for the World Cup. We can literally see a sea of red. 🙂

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