Banning Smoking in Public Places

Were you also shocked by the video of the 2-yr old Indonesian boy, Ardi Rizal, expertly puffing on his cigarette? I pity the boy that his parents couldn’t do anything to stop his horrible habit.
One of the things that I truly hate is cigarette smoke. I don’t mind people choosing to smoke, as long as they’re not around me. I try to avoid going where there are people smoking. And I absolutely hate it when I’m sitting on a bench and suddenly someone would come sit nearby and start smoking. Ugh! Maybe they could just try the electric cigarette.
This month, the Seoul City Council would deliberate on an ordinance banning smoking in public places such as streets, parks and plazas. If passed, it would take effect in January. However, I thought that penalty is too low at 20,000 won. Throwing cigarette butts in the city carries a fine of 50,000 won.


  1. smoking ban is already in place in the philippines except for the law regarding graphic warnings on packs which was defeated in the house. studies made of children whose parents smoke are poor in math and have difficulty remembering numbers in later years. if you have a child dont risk it

    1. I saw a news report on those graphic warnings on packs in Singapore. I think it was featured on KBS. The pictures were pretty graphic huh! I’ve seen high school kids here in Korea smoking secretly in the bathroom. I sometimes reprimand them even if I don’t know them.

  2. smoking ban on public places seems like a good idea. most smokers in Korea are disgusting, spitting right after they put out their cigarettes (even the girls)… and most smokers don’t know that there’s a proper way to smoke without bothering people.
    if, somehow in doing so, the surrounding prudes still react, then you and i both know that it’s not the smoker who has the problem. it’s the sticks up the a*ses of goodie-two-shoes that needed bending.

    1. too bad most smokers don’t know that proper way to smoke… maybe the cigarette companies could sponsor seminars on that

  3. It’s unfortunate that some people have to be inconvenienced either way. The smokers are inconvenienced because they can’t smoke when or where they want, or the non smokers are inconvenienced and subjected to other harmful irritants.
    I think the non smokers have more of a right and expectation to breathe fresh air than a smoker has the right to smoke cigarettes that affect others.
    I once had to sit next to a guy on the airplane that didn’t stop farting the whole way on a 10 hour flight. As much as I complained to the flight attendant they didn’t do anything. I would’ve liked to have booted this guy out the window at 30,000 feet. So when do we start to restrict people’s freedom to fart whenever they want?
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