The Red Shirt

Are you ready for the World Cup 2010?
I won a red Adidas-SK World Cup shirt from 11st last week and it arrived last Tuesday. Unfortunately, I used my husband’s account so they sent a size 100 in Men’s and not in Women’s.
“Korea, Again” is the shirt worn by celebrities Rain, Jang Dong Gun, Super Junior, Shin Min Ah in their ads in support of the South Korean soccer team.
I have to get a shirt for my son and me too before the games start. It would be fun to be at one of the big places in Seoul cheering for the national team.


  1. Oh, wow! It might be too large for you, but it sure is gorgeous. Of all the beautiful All The Reds shirts for sale, this seems to be the one that people want the most.
    Thanks for sharing this with us, Betchay. πŸ™‚
    (You have a really nice blog. I’ve been enjoying it since early in the year.)

    1. There are only 3 sellers on the internet selling the Adidas shirt, but I found one selling the same design but not from Adidas and it’s cheaper too (of course!)

  2. wow! this is a nice shirt. i would like to get one too if possible and wear it when i go there even if the world cup fever is already over. πŸ˜€

  3. does anyone know which site can i buy these korea adidas-sk super red tee shirt from? am trying to get two of these shirts fast before the world cup starts preferably!
    singapore, kenneth

  4. ooohh.. i want to have one too but i am not in Korea T.T
    I love the Shouts of Reds song !!! not only bec Bigbang sang it (feat. Kim yu-na) but the meaning of the song is really good too!
    Oh, dae han min guk, seungri ae ham seong!
    Aja! grins

      1. Hi,
        On the site, it states that there are shirts with sizes of 90 (s). Do you still have this shirt in stock?
        pls reply soon!!!

          1. woah! err where are you sending the shirts from? I’m considering to order one, I’m in Singapore.
            And what are the measurements for size 90? it didn’t say on the site.

          2. oh yes,
            do you have “The Shouts of Reds” shirt? Cause that’s the one I’m looking for.

  5. hi, ms. betchay. gusto ko po sana mag-order ng shirt na ito sa inyo. how much po kaya in korean won ang 1 red shirt na ito? pwede ninyo po ba akong i-email about this? thank you po.

  6. Very nice shirt!
    I live in the usa…so can’t get this…
    If anyone be so helping to tell me a website selling this?
    Or if anyone of you selling this? Please email me. THanks

  7. this is Kevin again. It would help a lot if you could take a picture of just the design on the front. Thank you

  8. Hello Betchay! Are you from the philippines? I live in Davao and would like to order the Ò€œThe Shouts of RedsÒ€. How long will it take to arrive here?

  9. i would like to have Adidas-SK World Cup Shirt if u have one let me know and all the info about it. thank u

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