Scene in Seoul: Where there is water

Summer has started and I’ve been wearing short-sleeved clothes the past few days. Starting this month, people would be crowding public swimming pools and theme parks. My credit card’s promotion for this month is 10,000 won tickets to Caribbean Bay. It’s a water theme park located next to Everland. Peak-season tickets here are usually 75,000 won per person so 10,000 won is a steal! Too bad I’m not in swimsuit form. Does lipozene work? Hmm.
After voting in the elections last Wednesday, we headed to Seoul Forest. It took us about an hour before we could find parking space.
At the ground level fountains, kids were running and playing with the water. I saw a couple of grown-ups who didn’t mind getting wet as well. I would’ve too if I were wearing appropriate clothes, LOL.


  1. wow! Carribean Bay, i know that. hehehe~ that was the one that SNSD and 2PM endorsed. lol.
    anyway, i love your blogs! i wanna go to Korea too! ~~^^

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