Involuntary Exit for Illegal Immigrants

Got this on my inbox, for those who might need the info. It’s about what could happen to you if you are an illegal immigrant (TNT) and you got caught… Here is some info on involuntary exit for illegal immigrants.

Source: Investigation and Enforcement Division
Korea Immigration Service
1. Illegal stayers detected by immigration officers are subject to fines:
* Those who stayed illegally for less than one (1) year are exempted from fines;
* KRW 500,000 won for illegal stay of one (1) yearto two (2) years (excl.);
*KRW 1 Million won for two (2) years to three (3)years (excl.);
*KRW 1.5 Million won for three (3) years to five(5) years (excl.);
* KRW 2 Million won for five (5) years or over.
There is no commutation of detention to penalties for those who are incapable of paying fines. Instead, illegal stayers will be deported after undergoing a prescribed process and will be banned re-entry for a certain period of time.
2. The period of entry ban for the deported illegal stayers:
* Three (3) years for those who paid fines before being deported;
* Five (5) years for those who failed to pay fines before being deported.
3. The detected illegal stayers will be deported following the procedures below:
1. An illegal stayer is arrested,
2. Will be investigated for illegal stay,
3. Will be detained (upon issuance of detention order),
4. Decision will be made after examination (possible decisions include imposition of fines and issuance of deportation order),
5. Will prepare for departure (issue a passport and buy tickets, etc.),
6. Will be deported.
Atty. Felicitas Q. Bay
Labor Attache
Philippine Overseas Labor Office
Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines
5-1, Itaewon 2-dong,
Yongsan-Ku, Seoul, 140-857 Korea
Tel: 82 2 3785 3634/5; Fax: 82 2 3785 3624


  1. Wow! Ang dami dami pa rin palang Pinoy na illegally staying dyan?
    Ate Betchay! I am going there next month na! Hehehe. 4 years akong mag aaral sa Kyung Hee University-Seoul… perfect for my photography hobby hehehe. Cge see you po in one of your future events! ~~^^
    PS: Nakakatakot ang mag aral ng Korean language.

  2. I was searching for blogs owned by Overseas Filipinos when I came across your blog. I’m new into blogging. I love reading your entries. I am learning from other Overseas Filipinos.

  3. Hi! Nagwonder lang ako kung may mga pinoy na namumuhay sa Korea. I’m happy to have found your blog. Kumusta naman ang buhay diyan? Sana ok naman. Just worried for filipinas since the news about the vietnamese women came out. ~

  4. I got married here in Korea to an OFW who has overstayed her visa. I am here on an E-2 visa. how can I get my wife on an F-3 visa?

    1. Hi Gary! Your wife can’t have her visa changed in the country. She will have to voluntarily leave the country. However, it might take time for her to come back here since you are not Korean.

  5. hi po wala n bang ibang paraan pr mabigyan ulit yung bago lng nagtnt ng another wprking visa po?pls reply po

  6. hi pde po mag ask pano if voluntary exit po!?magbabayad pa po ba ng fine!?pano po pag wlang pambayad ng fine!?gus2 q npo ksing umuwi.. nlulungkot nko d2.. and pano po yung process pra makauwi agad if susuko po!?? sna msagot po.. tnx in advance!!

    1. sav ng fren ko..wala namn dw ba2yaran pag voluntary…ung mga nahu2li lng dw un…kc TNT dn ako..bi2li ka lng ng ticket,..un na

      1. Hi schai! True, walang babayaran kung voluntary. Sa airport ka susurender pag paalis na ;p

  7. just wanna ask lang po kung nag volunteer ako sa pag exit sa airport gamit ang maiden name ko , pwede pa ba ako mag change name sa marriage fam name ko? di ba yan malalaman?

  8. hello pOe i am a voluntary exit in almost 1 1/2 year how long i can get a chance to work again in korea pls reply

  9. maam betchay plano ko ho bumalik uli ng korea for tourist plano ko ipasyal ang pamilya ko sa seoul…ask ko lang dati kc akong tnt from year 2000 to 2004 tas nabigyan ako ng amnesty visa for 2 yrs at d na ko lumabas ng bansa till 2009…umuwi ako voluntarily….lifted nba ang ban or pwede nba ako umaplay for visa o ma dedeny po ako…tnx po

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