Charice in Korea Again!

I’ve been so busy fulfilling orders for Taeyang’s Solar Deluxe Edition that I almost forgotten about Charice’s visit to Korea. Hehe…
Charice is in Korea for the third time and she will not only be in one show but three! Of course, she’ll be in “Star King” which helped her become a “Youtube” sensation. She will be featured for the fourth time in the show since she first appeared on episode 38 in 2007. She was also in episode 48 and 90 (as one of the top favorites that year).
She will also be on an MBC radio program. On the 14th, we’ll see her in Kim Jeong Eun’s show “Chocolate” on SBS. According to the news, she’ll fly to Japan on the 15th. She’ll also be visiting Thailand and Malaysia. Whew!
Will all the traveling that she’s doing, Charice should be investing even in an NC short term health insurance. She shouldn’t get sick or we’re going to miss her. BTW, I’ve been searching for more news about her but instead I got myself reading reviews and comments on Korean sites and on cafes dedicated to her.


  1. omg.. im so excited for her. i can’t wait to c that episode of star king on july 24.. delayed gratification sucks major.. -_- hopefully someone will upload her guestings on youtube.

  2. Charice will be having a duet with K Will in Kim Jeong Eun’s show “Chocolate” on SBS. They will be singing “Endless Love”. During Charice guesting in Star King, I just heard that Shinee plus Eunhyuk and Leeteuk of Super Junior will be there too. I can´t wait.

    1. oh..very excited to see that, so very envy naman kay Charice,,shes very blessed..Eunhyuk and Leeteuk will be there pa..mga very gwapo..

  3. thanks for sharing the info.. can I ask what are the reviews, comments, responses of Koreans about Charice?

  4. good for her.. she’s getting popular na here and’s good to know that we also have our own pambato like Korea has its own kpop artists..

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