2NE1's New 11st subway ad

I’m loving my Desire as it lets me blog while I’m on the subway. I’m currently on subway line 1 approaching Yongsan station. Across from where I’m sitting is a poster of 2NE1’s new ad for 11st. And that’s Sandara Park on the foreground. Still visible.
I’m currently thinking of getting another gadget. A tablet PC perhaps? That would be costly though and it would be wise to have a laptop insurance if I were to spend much on another gadget. So many gadgets that I DESIRE, yet not enough cash to spend!


  1. I heard the rumour that Charice will be together with 2NE1 in Kim Jeong Eun’s show “Chocolate and Luna will be having a duet with Charice in Star King. I can´t wait.

    1. From what I’ve read, it’s Sohyang (Korea’s Mariah Carey) who will be singing with Charice in Star King. If what I read is true, they’ll be singing the Whitney-Mariah song, “When You Believe.”

      1. There´s a picture of her with Luna rooming around in twitter and different blogs, but either way, I hope even one or both of them will be having a duet with Charice. Can´t wait and I´m busy chasing a livestream but it looks like SBS are serious about their copy infringement rules. It´s hard. Can´t find even one willing to share it.

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