Summer Vacation!

I’m preparing a list of things that we will need for our summer vacation. South Koreans usually go on vacations at the end of July and when I say South Koreans, I mean almost everyone in this country take their summer vacation all at the same time!
Two years ago, we went to my husband’s hometown and there was a 60km long traffic in a 60km stretch highway. We had a lot of fun though as we visited Soraksan and Seokcho.

Last year, we spent our summer vacation with the whole family. All of us headed to Donghae for the beach and we definitely had fun building sandcastles, playing in the water and the kids also tried riding the power wheels that were for hire.
This year, my husband and I are taking his parents to the southwestern islands of Korea. We are going to be on a four-day vacation and we’ll leave on Saturday morning. We’re expecting traffic as the weather is going to be summer perfect. I just hope they have free WIFI where we’re heading. Read the KT article on the expected holiday traffic this year.


  1. How much is the daily expense in korea? how much is the food in there? i kind of plan to go there too ;D

  2. Ate Betchay, enjoy your vacation po… it’s friday and we’re still undecided about where to spend our 4-day vacation too. actually, start ng vacation ko today, si alex tomorrow pa lang (okay din lang kase follow up check up ko today, dapat tomorrow pa).. although we went fishing at ganghwa last year, we’re still considering to go on an overnight bus tour and then camping doon ulit kase malapit lang.. hopefully the camping sites are really okay (like there are comfortable restrooms for the preggy, kkk) …

    1. hi jehan! correct ka dyan, you’ll need comfy restrooms lalo na at 2nd trimester ka na… keep in touch

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