Charice meets Bae Chul Soo

This is old “news”. When Charice was in Korea, she also had an interview with Bae Chul Soo on his radio program called “Music Camp” on MBC. Radio DJ Mr. Bae is also a musician and his show has been on air for more than two decades. I haven’t seen pictures of Charice’s guesting on his program although I’ve seen a YT upload of the interview. Charice had an interpreter during the interview. At one point, Mr. Bae jokingly said that David Foster was in his show ten years ago and he promised to build up a Korean singer but he never fulfilled that promise. So Mr. Bae asked Charice to remind David Foster of his promise the next time they see each other. Charice defended her mentor, who is probably more like a father to her now. At 18, she truly is a remarkable young lady. She is impressing the world with her talents while her others her age are probably just having fun with their PS3.
Here are some pictures from the MBC radio website:


  1. as what was written, this radio host has been in the showbiz industry for decades so I’m pretty sure that he knows that when a celebrity or a high profile figure says something or gives compliments it usually is not uttered with sincerity. often times, hosts will shoot an unexpected question which makes the guest uncomfortable. so, probably mr. foster was in the same situation (just assuming) and he was caught offguard. i don’t think mr. foster would promise to make someone popular especially if he wasn’t that familiar with the local stars. but who knows, one of these days a korean will make it big time soon.

    1. Not totally unrelated, but in one forum I saw a thread asking who’s more popular in the US, Charice or the Wonder Girls?

      1. Charice is popular than Wonder Girls, there´s a proof on that. Wonder Girls is popular with American-Korean heritage and to few non Korean, because of their catchy song “Nobody But You”. Most fans of Jonas Brothers know them, because WG are opening act to their concerts, but it doens´t mean they are fans. Other than that there is nothing you can add from their achievements. Their management are spending lots of money for their promotion and advertisement and not many well known prestigous shows have desire to guest them. This is a link where both Charice and Wonder Girls performing in Wango Tango, Staples Center in LA. While Wonder Girls are performing on the stage, Charice was on the other side of the stage signing an autographs. The are more people in line waiting for Charice autograph than the people infront of the stage watching Wonder Girls while performing. You can grasp the atmosphere of the scene and surrounding between 3-4 minutes interval.

        1. I have to agree with you Bette. All these fuzz about WG being popular in the states are just merely a press release. That’s why there is an issue that their producer JYP became broke because he was spending too much in promoting WG in the US, too the point that they are giving away the CD (w/ poster) when you buy a sack of rice in some Korean grocery stores in the US. I think promoting WG in the said country is too ambitious, i think Americans are not ready for them yet (in my opinion). Atleast for Charice she had Oprah who helped her a lot.

          1. It´s true that the support of Oprah and David Foster help Charice to shine earlier than expected. But according to David Foster, the first time he heard Charice, the vibes he felt was exactly the same vibes he experienced after he heard Celine and Whitney. He said, no matter how long it will take, with or without his help, he is certained sooner or later, Charice will be one of the best singers in the making. She has the “it” factor.

  2. @bette It also adds more to the fact that Charice also sings without an accent. Something she learned to perfect through the years. WG is a very good pop act. But the US, the largest market in music and the most difficult to break through because of its huge demographics and diversity, is a place where you have to conform one way or the other. One of the simplest way to get people to relate to you is if you talk or speak like them. WG needs to brush up on their english singing. Another advantage of Charice is that she is being promoted by an American outfit who really knows how to market artists in the US. Oprah and David are only complimentary sides. The real team of Charice are the ones doing the work to promote her in the US. Warner Music has been very supportive of Charice. They have designated teams there to handle all the different things for charice. Like Charice is prioritized in their marketing department, their PR department, they have a department also that handles radio schedules, her mini concerts, her benefit shows, her TV guestings, even movie agents for future film projects and etc etc. So yeah… Charice really is big in the US. If an artist or a group would want to have a chance in the US music scene, you would need what Charice has right now. And if an artist or a group would want what Charice has, they have to be as impressive as Charice.

    1. Agreed. And we don´t have to forget the big help of Facebook, My Space, Twitter, E-mails, Livestream channels spreading the words which Charice is doing herself rightnow. How about covering another singers song. Many are against her covering songs from another artist, but actually, it helps her a lot to be noticed. Her rendition of “I Have Nothing and IWALY” is now recognized by many unlike before. Remember Justin Biebers “Baby”, she draws a lot of Justins fans worldwide. And to add more on that, we have to remember the huge help too, coming from all her fans worldwide who are contributing and spreading her name, uploading videos in YouTube, blogs, websites, different games and promotions. Charice fanbases are run by intelligent fans which is now getting bigger and well organized in different countries. Just imagine, this is her first time that she enters Japanese, Thailand, Singapore and Korean market and she is dominating them all. You can find her always on the Top 20 of all the charts. I have the feeling that she might end up be the same, more like Jennifer Lopez popularity later on, where she dominated movies and singing industry at the same time during her peak, before she got married.

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