Andre Kim passed away

Korean fashion designer Andre Kim, who reminds me a lot of Armida Siguion-Reyna because they always wear the same clothes, passed away on August 12 at around 7:25 PM. His wake is being held at the Seoul National University Hospital. He will be laid to rest in Cheonan on August 16.
Andre Kim and Lee Hyori are the two Korean celebrities I’ve seen the most number of times. The first time I saw him was at Costco on December 24, 2005. My friend, Anna Banana, and I saw him “hoarding” cheesecakes from the store in Yangjae. He was wearing his trademark white jumpsuit.
I learned about the fashion designer when I was still in the Philippines. I saw a drama about the life of Andre Kim on Arirang TV a decade ago. His life was truly inspirational. Expect a lot of Korean topstars to pay their last respects to the internationally famous fashion designer. Jang Dong Gun, Bae Yong Joon, Lee Byung Hun, Won Bin, among others all modeled for him.


  1. I have always been curious about Andre Kim coz I find him strange, yet I admire his works for being exceptional. Rest in peace Andre Kim. Korea will surely miss your works of art.

  2. i was also always intrigued by Andrew Kim’s outfit but i also like looking at his designs..
    Rest in peace, Andre Kim….

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