Wet public toilet floors

I hate complaining since I don’t really sweat the small stuff. I don’t care about most things that bother most people but I’ve got one pet peeve. I’ve no picture to post on this topic since I don’t take pictures in the toilet. Those who’ve been in a public toilet in Korea would’ve notice the wet floors. It’s because of the way some people wave, or shall I say flail, their hands after washing. What’s worse is that some girls are inconsiderate that the person beside them is getting wet from all the waving.
I used to do the same thing when I was 5! My sister told me since then to whisk my fingers on the wash bowl instead. Public toilets here have hand dryers but it seems there are some people who don’t know how to use them.


  1. ako naman I don’t understand why there are people who doesn’t know how to use the toilet seat. and there are some who steps on the rim of the bowl and then once you use it you will see shoe marks on it and worst case scenario is that the floor gets wet because of, you know why (eeew). masyado pa naman akong OC, so katakot takot na tissue ang nilalagay ko dun sa rim ng toilet bago ko cya gamitin. Buti nalang may nabibili na rin ngayong toilet seat sanitizer.

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