2NE1 is Number One

Wow! It has been almost a week since my last post. Although I have about 40 drafts I couldn’t finish even one of them. I’ve been so busy and even more with the coming holidays. When I was in the elevator this morning (there’s a small monitor), I saw the list of the top albums on Dosirak’s list. 2NE1’s first full length album “To Anyone” is number one.
I have one more copy of the album from the pre-order edition, which includes a beautifully designed CD, a photobook, YG Family card and a poster. The pre-order edition from YG also includes four 3R pictures of the group. The packaging alone is so worth the wait. And Sandara Park is so pretty in her photos. Get your copy of 2NE1 To Anyone now!


  1. It’s been a while since I’ve checked Kpop and was surprised to see 2NE1’s nice MV’s. My sis and I love their new song “Go Away.” Their song “Can’t Nobody” has like 1M hits in YT. Nice line up of songs! Yay! It’s worth the wait.

  2. Wow… that is cheap for an album with so many goodies! I’m just happy when jrock single cds include a dvd at this price.

  3. I really like Sandara even nung nandito pa sya sa Pinas. Sana madala nia din dito yung 3 other members ng 2NE1 😀

  4. can’t wait na dumating yung copy ko… i am so excited!!! nag order po ako via kpop mall.. hehe.. i wonder if it is a pre-order edition..

  5. i am a follower of this site since last year and I’m not getting tired of reading articles about Korea…
    Kudos to the moderator…..

  6. Hi! 🙂
    Would you know how much this new album costs in Seoul? I’m asking a friend who’s going there to buy me one. I got the first mini album at Evans in COEX for around 9-10,000 won.

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