Sandara Park and Jang Dong Gun for 11st

I saw this billboard on my way to work earlier this week. I take subway line 1, which is usually packed with old people in need of msm lotion, and I transfer at Sindorim station (lines 1 and 2) but last Tuesday was the first time that I saw this billboard of Sandara Park (DARA of 2NE1) and my ultimate crush – Jang Dong Gun. Oh my guy! (borrowed from my son) I know that their photos were taken separately but for Sandara Park to be in the same billboard and with the same endorsement as JDG means only one thing – that I’m truly dying with envy! LOL

the billboard between at Sindorim station

Who would’ve known that this girl whom I first saw waving her hand back and forth while saying “Mahal ko kayo” in ABS-CBN’s Star Circle would be in the same billboard as JDG a few years later! You’ve made it girl.
I’m also glad that there’s a new JDG billboard. I’ll be waiting for the train at platform 4-4 from now on.


  1. true ate.. i once watched her interview with boy abunda, lalo nong latter part na ng career nya sa pinas. she was hounded by criticisms/issues here and there. others were laughing at her for selling tickets to her own show. the question from boy abunda was something like this “naghihirap ka na daw kaya ikaw mismo nagbebenta ng tickets sa concert mo…”
    she candidly answered something like “ngayon naman mahirap talaga ang buhay…..(so on and so forth)” then at the end, she handed him tickets to her concert..
    that’s the time i really liked her…

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  3. JDG is my ultimate crush! Panahon pa ng All About Eve! 🙂 Thank you so much for your very informative blog, I’ve been a reader especially I’ll be visiting Korea on Oct soon! 🙂 Your blog helps! KUDOS sis!

  4. like this post!! yes, it made me happy knowing that she has made it in korea. though she is a lot younger than me but I’ve always admired her spirit. I am more of fan of her as a person not the singer talaga. i remembered that time that she was having difficulty in her career here in the philippines as well as some family issues. but the girl forged on despite her young age. hope the youth of today will be inspired by what she has done and continue doing. despite what happened to her career her as an actress, she still has not forgotten the philippines now that she is very popular in korea. love this girl! fighting!!

  5. Wow! I envy Sandara. I like Jang Dong Gun too. I am still critical of her as a singer but I’m glad that she’s going places in her own country. I saw her when she went here in the Philippines last year and it was cool that she was able to keep her Filipino sense of humor.

  6. have you noticed the posters of etude house?sandara’s face is more prominent than the other members 2NE1 ……the same thing goes for CF/advertisements….sandara is given more exposure

    1. true… they love her.. hehe… was able to watch a show here one time and the men were asked kung sinong female entertainer ang crush nila and a lot of them answered “Dara” (or Sandara) because of her sense of humor and beauty…

  7. Sandara has more charm or charisma than the other girls of 2NE1. Love her! And I love that she hasn’t forgotten the Philippines and how in interviews she always seem so happy and proud of her experience living in the Philippines. Have you guys heard of Ryan Bang? He doesn’t speak Tagalog as well as Sandara but I find him soooo funny and a little crazy! He won 2nd place in the Pinoy Big Brother Clash of 2010. You can see him in this interview with KC on the Buzz. He’s currently a judge in “Showtime” and I’ve also started seeing him in “Banana Split”.

  8. hi thanks for your reply in my previous question and also to your reader issa.
    since medyo na hihilig rin ako sa kpop. pwede ba malaman kung sikat pa rin si gong yoo dyan after nung coffee prince? naging fan talaga ako nun at nung girl na partner nya. until now pang therapy ko yung dvd ng cp everytime i’m kinda “low” 🙂 i just watch it and it really makes me feel better!
    hi hope its ok thanks again.

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