Jaz Lee, back to "Love in Asia"

Jasmine Lee giving her thanks to Love in Asia viewers.

Good news for those of us who have been missing our favorite Pinay on Korean TV. Jasmine Lee will be back on TV on the same show – KBS’ Love in Asia. Last Saturday, we met her and our other friends to film some clips for a short documentary on what has been happening to her since her beloved husband passed away. Among those who attended are bloggers Jehan, whom I hope is taking the best prenatal vitamins since she’s now five months preggy, Cher, Wendy, Jeremy and our favorite Korea Times reporter – Cathy Garcia.
“Love in Asia” is shown on KBS 1 in Korea every Tuesdays at 7:30 PM. Jasmine is back and moving on. She’s continuing her work giving lectures on being a married immigrant to Korean students, government workers and NGOs.


  1. halu ate Betchay! kumusta po ang Chuseok? so far, uneventful naman sa amin…
    thank you po for the tips.. i’m taking “hemoforce”–iron supplement from health center and “multivitamin and mineral for maternity gold” from the vitamin house, okD by doc…
    i’m excited to watch the episode on oct.5..

  2. Hi Ms. Betchay. Tanong ko lang, does Jaz Lee have a Korean movie? Para kasing familiar yung face nya, may nakita akong Korean movie and ayun…napaisip ako familiar talaga yung isang girl character na yun.

  3. when i read about the passing of her husband almost 2 months ago i cried. i even thought about it for days. i have so much sympathy for her maybe because she’s a fellow filipina living in a foreign country. i was so concerned especially for her kids. but now she’s back. she’s now smiling though i know she’s still hurting. i feel so proud reading the article in korea times about her 2 weeks ago. she embodies the true filipina — tough, smart, and compassionate. i wish her good luck on her future endeavors.

  4. Hello Ms. Betchay,
    good to hear that Jaz is back…i heard a lot about Jaz and personally i love watching her on tv and i’m so proud of her as kapwa pinay here n Korea.
    more power to Jas and to you!!

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