Chuseok 2010

So how did you spend your Chuseok? It rained heavily on Tuesday that the major streets in Seoul were flooded in knee-deep water. Fortunately, it didn’t rain much on Chuseok day and we had to endure an hour of traffic on the way back to our apartment in Jongro-gu from my brother-in-law’s in Dongdaemun-gu.
Chuseok was great and we had visitors today including my husband’s uncle and aunt whose son is sort of a celebrity in Korea. My husband’s cousin appears on KBS’ Gag Concert and the G20 CF seen in the subway.

Colorful songpyeon on our Chuseok table

As usual, our table was flooded with food. My favorites were “kalbi jjim” and “songpyeon”. Kalbi jjim is beef rib stew while the “songpyeon” is a rice cake identified with Chuseok. We had colorful “songpyeon” today – white, purple, green and yellow. Now I need weight loss pills that work!
This is my 8th Chuseok and like the previous years, I had to wake up at 5:30 AM despite going to bed at around 2 AM. We had to prepare for the “jesa” while we watched South Korea’s team beat Spain in the FIFA U17 Women’s World Cup. We had breakfast at around 9 o’clock in the morning. I was so hungry by that time and after that we had several visitors. Anyway, I was able to take a break before noon to watch Sunshine Corazon in Glee.
I like that my husband’s family celebrate Chuseok the traditional way. It involves hard work but more than that, I get to eat my favorite holiday food and we get to enjoy the time with the whole family. And of course, my son gets to bond with his cousins, uncles and aunts and grandparents too! Oops, I almost forgot to brag about my “Go Stop” skills. I could beat my Korean sisters-in-law in that game.


  1. Hi Ms. Betchay! Hindi ko naman na-experience gumising nang maaga sa Chuseok. My in-laws were so kind to me at saka konti lang kasi yung relatives namin dun sa Chuseok gathering. God bless you.

  2. hi miss bechay…i am an online tutor for Koreans here in Phils. Would you mind sharing some ideas on how did you celebrate Chuseuk? any games or special activities?

  3. Hi Ms. Betchay…I’m so thankful that I’ve found your very informative blog. Keep up the good work!. I really enjoy reading them all.I also have a Korean husband and I will go there soon. Aside from all the lesson I’ve learned in CFO seminar, you are a big help to us all Filipino wives in Korea. GODBLESS..and more power!

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