Getting married: Philippines or Korea? Part 1

I wrote about this topic four years ago in another blog but I lost that post and I don’t have a copy of it. Anyway, this has been a popular question in this blog specifically by Pinays who are engaged to their Korean boyfriends. I will just post from my experience since I got married in 2003 and rules may be different now.
My husband and I got married in the Philippines. I first applied for a tourist visa in May 2003 to meet his parents. Though my documents were complete, which includes an invitation letter, I was still denied the C-3 visa by the Korean Embassy. My then fiance called the Embassy to ask why and they only said that a lot of Pinays use the same reason to work illegally in Korea. I just told my husband that we would just wait until I could apply for a visa again since I also have other plans (like finishing my Masters). He surprised me the month after by coming to the Philippines.

Certificate of Singleness
Getting married in the Philippines requires getting a marriage license. On the same day that he arrived in Manila, he went straight to the Korean Embassy and applied for the “Certificate of Singleness” which is a requirement of the Philippine government for foreigners who are getting married in the country. He had to wait for three business days before he received the document from the Embassy. At that time, he only submitted his family register and an application form.
When we received the “Certificate of Singleness”, we headed straight to Angeles City Hall. I was a resident of Angeles City for more than 24 years. To get a Philippine marriage license, I provided the local registrar with my birth certificate and cedula. We were also required to attend a Family Planning Seminar.
We had to wait ten days before we could actually get the license and get married before the mayor. We got married on a Friday in a simple ceremony conducted in English. We had two witnesses who also signed on the marriage certificate. After the wedding, we applied for the NSO certificate.
On the following Monday, we immediately went to the Korean Embassy. The only documents we submitted were:
– Application form
– Passport
– Invitation letter (this was handwritten)
– Copy of my husband’s passport
In the application form, I answered “59 days” on how long will I be staying in Korea so we won’t have to pay the 1,500 fee. In Korea, I would have to apply for extension and pay 30,000 won. Choosing “59 days” saved us from paying double.
The lady at Window 3 told us to come back next day as we need to be interviewed by the Consul and interviews at that time were conducted only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Since my husband was flying that day at 2PM and he was starting a new job the following day, the Consul gave us consideration and he interviewed us a few minutes after we submitted our application. We were ushered to the Consul’s office, where the four walls were plastered with documents. One wall has passport copies of blacklisted individuals!
The interview went well. We were just asked how we met each other and how we kept our relationship and what we knew of each other’s background. It took about 20 minutes as my husband and the Consul also talked in Korean. When we came out from his office, I was told to come back when I receive my husband’s family register with my name on it.
We went to the airport after the visit to the Korean Embassy. I went back to work and completed my contract. When I receive the NSO copy of our marriage certificate, I sent it to my husband in Korea. He translated it in Korean and registered my name as his wife in his family register. He sent me the family register and brought that to the Korean Embassy. I got my visa after three days. I headed to the CFO, where they stuck an “Emigrant” sticker on my passport.
CFO stands for Commission on Filipinos Overseas. Spouses of foreign nationals are required to attend a seminar conducted by the said organization before they could leave the country.
Just a recap. I applied for a tourist visa in May and got denied. My husband flew to the Philippines three weeks later. He quit his job but he luckily got hired by another company the following month. To get married, my husband applied for a “Certificate of Singleness” at the Korean Embassy. We applied for a marriage license:
Requirements for my foreign husband:
– Certificate of Singleness / Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage
Requirements for me:
– Birth Certificate
– Residence Certificate
We both had to attend a Family Planning Seminar. We waited for ten days before we could get married. With our marriage certificate, we applied for a visa at the Korean Embassy and were interviewed by the Consul. I had to wait until the NSO copy of marriage certificate came out. I sent it to Korea and my husband registered my name in their family register. He sent me the family register and I brought it to the Korean Embassy. I got my visa three days later and took my passport to the CFO where they stuck an Emigrant sticker.
While waiting for the NSO and the family register from my husband, I attended the seminar required by the Philippine government for spouses of foreign nationals at the CFO.
Next… getting married in Korea.


  1. Hi ate B, I just want to ask something because I want extra knowledge,… why is it that when a foreign women marry a Korean man, she cant just simply aquire their last name??? you need to work many things up first and also your husband before you can aquire their name… I saw many women on site looking for a Korean husband for convenience,,,( as I read many article about their culture&history, I find it very hard to be a wife of a Korean,) maybe this is one of the reason po?

    1. Hi Amme. It’s not just for foreign women but traditionally, Korean women who marry still keep their family name. If a foreign woman prefers, she could change her last name in her country, like in the Philippines. I preferred not to change my last name during that time since it was a hassle to apply for a passport in the Philippines.
      I have changed my name to my husband’s last name and I now carry his last name (although I could’ve picked another family name). It isn’t difficult to change names here ;p It only cost us 18,000 won and one-and-a-half months waiting.

      1. really can pick another family’s if i (nangarap) were to have a Korean husband why not use his’ db..thnx 4 info..

  2. After you got married, the visa you got from the Korean Embassy is an F1 visa, right? Is the family planning seminar a requirement from the municipality/government before they issue a marriage license? When I got married in 1997, there was no family planning seminar required. I was 26 when I got married and hubby was 28. Just curious if this is a new thing…

    1. Hi Annp! AFAIK, the family planning seminar is only for those who are 25 or younger. The visa I got was F-2-1 which is the married immigrant visa and that was in 2003. Sometimes they would give the C-3 visa even to married immigrants in special cases.

  3. Hi Ate Betch, you might not remember me sa dami ng followers mo sa site na to. I emailed you before kung anong gifts pwede for my future parents-in-law pero na deny visa ko.. nakaka adik basahin tong mga posts at pati comments.madami kming natututunan at wag ka, pati c bf ko, ngbabasa nito. Sabi daw ay very helpful at very informative. Nasa work cia at eto ang pinagkakaabalahan nya. He’s having a hard time lng sa process ng marriage . sbi ko, sa ibang countries nga mas malala pa eh. time nga lng ang wala cia kc d pwede mg leave ng more than 10 days..sad lng kc need to wait for the right time talaga..
    anyways, 2 thumbs up for the site at sa mga followers!! God Bless.

    1. hi cherrie! siguro kasi dito sa korea eh super dali magpakasal… wala pang 10 minutes kasal na… yung asawa ka nag-resign siya sa work niya nung nagpunta siya ng pilipinas kasi nga hindi naman siya makakakuha ng mahabang leave… ganun talaga dito… ako nga wala pa akong leave simula ng mag-work ako… try na lang uli, ganun talaga sa Embassy dahil wala naman interview eh mahirap ma-determine kung sino ang may tunay na pakay at kung sino ang hindi…
      sa susunod nga pala, ask your boyfriend to send you an invitation letter from his parents… as in yung parents niya mag-request na pumunta ka ng korea… sana naman makakuha ka na sa susunod

      1. Plan namin magpakasal muna para maayos na lahat.we pray na next year matuloy. sayang nga lng kc last year nandito cia sa pinas for 4 months at hindi namin naisip yun. kaya ngayon super regret kmi pareho lalo na cia.i was working kc nun eh at cia nag-aaral so parang we’re both busy. tama sana yung time kc ng quit din cia nun sa job nya for 13 yrs sa barko. though dati nung nasa barko pa cia eh yearly cia kung umuwi d2 sa pinas. now talaga ang hirap sa bagong work kc walang leave. kelangan talaga resign. buti nga nung Chuseok medjo mahaba bakasyon nya. ayoko naman na magresign cia kc ang hirap mghanap ng trabaho jan. 1 year din cia tumambay nung after nya ng quit sa first job. kaya kelangan talaga mag antay ng tamang time.
        pwedeng bang jan sa Korea mgpakasal? sbi kse ng guard dun sa embassy hindi daw kmi papayagan.

        1. pwede naman magpakasal sa Korea… kuha ka lang ng tourist visa… ask your boyfriend to ask his parents to send you an invitation kesa sa kanya…
          ay sa barko siya nagwo-work? yung asawa din ni Jaz sa barko nag-work

          1. C Jaz ng Love in Asia? Ay talaga? ang hirap kaya ng ganun. Minsan, pasko nasa barko cla.haay, resign na cia sa barko.nka landbase na cia in Keojedo. May friend cia na nkapag-asawa ng taga Macabebe, n they’re living in Angeles now with 2 kids. Yung friend nya nasa barko pa rin..
            so pwede pala mgpakasal jan? Ano yung requirements nila?para masabi ko k bf. Naaawa nko kc mag isa lng cia dun sa Island. Walang nag aasikaso sa mga kelangan nya.
            Ty Te Betch!!

          2. hi.. 🙂 i’m just curious po about the invitation letter. so ibig sabihin po ba.. if the invitation letter would come from my korean bf’s parents, there’s a greater chance of my tourist visa application getting approved?
            salamat. this thread is really informative. very helpful 🙂

  4. Ms. Betchay, I just recently started my research on getting married with a Korean national. I’ve been with my Korean bf for 4 years. I’ve avoided talking about marriage for almost 2 years, but it has already become inevitable since he is going back to Seoul in May of 2011. I don’t know if I sound such a loser or weird for saying this, but I am really having a hard time deciding whether to come with him to Korea or not. I just got my masters degree and I am thisclose to getting a scholarship abroad for my Ph.D. Anyway, I know nobody is interested in my story, but if I’ll choose to come with him, is there any way that I’ll be able to without marriage? Is there such a thing as fiance visa? If yes, how can a Filipina get one?
    I also read the blog, mybittersweetkoreanlife. Correct me if I am wrong, but based on her entries, I think she is not married to her korean boyfriend. May I know how is she living in Korea with her boyfriend without being married?
    Thank you very much!

    1. hi ilikemandu! Emma (mybittersweetkoreanlife – she was on my bloglist until she asked me to remove her link) came here first on a tourist visa and on her fifth time, she didn’t need a visa anymore and she could stay up to 90 days. She returns to the Philippines after 90 days and comes back here after two months or so. There is no fiance visa in Korea so if you want to stay here for a long time, maybe you could come here to study.
      When you come here, you might find the job market quite frustrating but if your major is Education then it could be rewarding ;p

      1. *When you come here, you might find the job market quite frustrating but if your major is Education then it could be rewarding ;p
        I liked that part…..kkkk…because it’s true

        1. *is that mean, when your major is “education” in S.Korea, you’ll be having more opportunities compare to other major..??

          1. nope if your major is education at least your line of work will be related to your major….but education major or not foreigners in korea always ends up teaching ENGLISH

    2. try getting a scholarship…….I did the same thing(I just got my masters degree before I came to Korea for my scholarship) and I was able to come to Korea without getting married first I studied for a year in Korea and then came the wedding march…..kkkkk

  5. Ms. Betchay and Ms. Cher, thank you very much for the replies. I really appreciate them.
    I’ve actually thought about studying in Korea. I haven’t started my research, but I will as soon as I get some free time from work and school.
    Ms. Cher, what is the language used in universities in Korea? Isn’t it Korean, not English? My bf has been bugging me about learning the language. I know I should start taking his advice seriously, but I just have so many things in my head right now. I actually visited Korea earlier this year. We stayed at his parents’ house and they were so nice. His sister is so pleasant and she keeps on telling me I am pretty so I love her to death na. hahaha kapal ng mukha ko! Is it difficult to get a scholarship over there? May I know some possible universities I might try getting into?

    1. some universities use english and some use only korean…i highly recommend you learn korean first before you take the next big step…..meaning wedding bells…kkkk

  6. Hi Betchay, while I am in Seoul, I would like to go for a trendy modern haircut. Would you know of such a place? Mid range of course like 30,000 Won…

    1. Hi Rosita! My sister-in-law owns a salon. Hehe! You can try the “W” chain of hair salons. They specialize in trendy hair styles and their staff is young. There are two branches near where I live.

  7. Ate Betchay, ilang days bgo mkuha ang NSO certificate at yung Family register after maiprocess? sbi kse ng friend ko, 60 days daw bgo mkuha ang NSO. jeez, mag aantay pa pala kmi ng 2 months.tas yung marriage license 10 days ba talaga?

    1. hi cherrie! wala naman sixty days pero depende kung nasaan ka… noong 2003 inabot ng 3 weeks bago ko nakuha ang NSO
      yung marriage license naman, yup 10 days talaga bago kayo pwedeng ikasal…

      1. OMG! so major major tagal pala.time pa naman ang kelangan namin.d cia pedeng mgleave ng mtagal..same pa din ba contact number mo?may itatanong kc c bf sayo..k lng ba?

        1. Cherrie, what NSO are you referring to? yung birth cert mo or yung marriage cert nyo na? if yung birth cert and cert of no marriage mo, in a day lang. yun naman yung need mo plus your bf’s cert of legal capacity to contract marriage for your marriage license.
          yung NSO marriage cert mo naman, after the wedding, i-follow up mo agad sa local registry nyo (munisipyo). if church wedding kayo, i-follow up mo din agad sa church so it can be immediately registered sa munisipyo then sent to NSO manila for processing. kase if hihintayin mo sila magwork lang, medyo matatagalan talaga. buti yung hipag ko non ninang nya yung head ng local registry namin, medyo napakiusapan. i also visited the head of NSO manila para makiusap.
          also, after naman the wedding, pwedeng bumalik na hubby mo dito and ikaw na lang mag-proces ng papers nyo. yun nga lang, yung release ng marriage cert nyo na from NSO ang medyo matatagalan ka.
          while waiting for that, you can attend your CFO seminar…

          1. P.S. wedding namin is Civil ceremony and my mom was able to find a judge/official who could solemnize our wedding on the release date of our marriage cert.
            di naman kami nagmamadali non, actually. my husband even left almost 2 weeks after the wedding pero everyone helped kase sa quezon city ang work ko non pero sa (la trinidad) benguet kami kinasal.
            all the while that we were traveling, i expected for our NSO marriage cert napa-process na pero di pa pala, need talaga i-follow up.

          2. Hi Jehan, i was referring sa NSO ng marriage cert na namin. kelangan ba talaga sa manila cia? sa province kc kmi kakasal. may nakausap na rin akong judge.
            kelangan ba talaga ng CFO seminar khit over 25 yrs old na?

  8. hi Cherrie!
    sa manila ko sya kinuha kase ang maalala ko, ako ang nag-file para mas madali. kahit sa province ka ikakasal, ise-send pa rin yung requirements mo sa main office nila then back to your province. when i realized na di pa pala nafa-file ng local registry namin, I asked my mom to get the necessary documents for filing. sa QC kase ang work ko non so madali lang din for me na pumunta sa NSO non. tanungin mo na rin sa local registry nyo. if i’m not mistaken 15 days to 3 weeks lang nakuha ko na yung NSO marriage cert namin.
    sobrang aga ko non pumunta pero sobrang haba ng pila. nagkataon kase kuhaan din ng enrollees ng students sa manila ng NSO birth certs nila. sobrang haba ng pila.
    and yes, you still have to attend your CFO seminar, regardless of age (btw, i was 28 when i got married and madami akong kasabayang older pa sa akin). you won’t be issued an F21 visa if wala yung certificate mo.

    1. I see. pwede din ba yun sa NSO Pasay. yun kase pinaka malapit sakin. D ko alam mgpunta sa QC. Ilang days do u think ang stay nya d2 sa Pinas? Sabagay tama nga na kelangan umattend ng CFO kase naalala ko yung friend umattend din eh 30+ na cia pero Canadian naman ang asawa nya. Ang dami nilang papers at may medical pa. So haggardness pala pero worth it after 😀

      1. hi Cherrie!
        you can ask your bf to call the korean embassy first kung pwede na ba sya agad umattend ng counseling/release ng cert of legal capacity to contract marriage before going to P.I.. kase maalala ko yung ibang kasabayan namin non straight from the airport e naki-attend ng counseling for their cert. of legal capacity to contract marriage. then pagkarelease non, as long as you already have prepared your own documents naman, pwede na kayo mag-apply agad for your marriage license. that will be relaseased naman yata after 10 days(?) nalimutan ko na pero not less than that. sa release date mismo, pwede na kayo magpaschedule ng kasal if may mahahanap kang judge/priest.
        yung husband ko kase naman dati naka-bakasyon so yung processing namin non ng requirements nya hindi rushed. pabalik balik pa nga kami non ng embassy para lang mag-inquire, ganon lang.
        then after ng kasal, if gusto pa nya magstay for your honeymoon why not? ang alam ko din don sa 10 days requirement kase for the marriage license is that it’s part of the anti-mail order bride law natin. at least yung foreigner dapat e nasa country ng 10 days. mas mahigpit nga sila sa CFO sa mga naka-reflect sa passport photocopy ng (korean) husband nila na wla pang 3 to 10 days yung foreign spouse dito.. so the longer he stays here, like more than 10 days, the better for you…

        1. hmm. kelangan pala more than 10 days talaga.. kse naman d namin naisip yun dati while he was studying here for 4 months. ayan tuloy stress kmi. what do u mean by umattend ng couseling? is it suppose to be here or pwede in KR cia umattend nun? And, hindi ba pwedeng kumuha ng marriage license before umattend ng counselling?sensya na madaming questions.. Thanks pala sa mga infos. It helped a lot. May friend naman cia na married to a filipina din kaya lng nasa barko pa so ang hirap mgtanong.

          1. hi Cherrie!
            oo nga pala, may bago ng guidance program here for koreans marrying a foreigner. so baka iba na yung magiging procedure jan maybe lalo na sa releasing ng cert. of legal capacity to contract marraige.
            yung couneling na yun, yun din yung pupunta kayo as a couple to apply for the said certificate. that is 2 hours lang dapat pero dati kase ang daming koreans na straight from the airport talagang pinagpilitang maka-attend agad. so natagalan. inabot kami ng halos 4 hours. pinapagalitan ng Consul yung mga koreano, kkkk… pero after that naman, ni-release yung cert. of legal capacity ni alex and they gave me a checklist (with control number) for my spouse visa requirement. you keep that. it’s very important.

  9. hi Ms. Bethcay ~
    im Cha~
    thanks for the information. I really love reading your blog.
    I just want to clarify few things regarding spouse visa.
    I got married last Sept.25,2010.Next month ko pa makukuha ang NSO.. days after our wedding my Korean husband went back to his country,
    Im just wondering after ko ba mkuha ang NSO Marriage Cert. kelangan ko pa bang ipa. authenticate sa Korean embassy or pwede na isend sa husband ko ang NSO Marriage Cert?
    Then about sa CFO, im also confused. Im from Davao city kc do you think how many times akong pupunta ng Manila? makukuha ba kaagd ang CFO Cert or will i wait for how many days? and that’s the time na i can apply for my spouse visa.. please help.. thanks ^^

    1. Hi Cha! Na-interview na kayo sa Korean Embassy? After mong makuha ang NSO marriage certificate, i-send mo siya kasama ng photocopy ng passport mo sa asawa mo. Ita-translate niya yung NSO marriage cert to Korean at dadalhin niya yun sa City Hall or district office kung sa Seoul kung saan siya residente. Kailangan niya i-register ang marriage ninyo sa Pinas. Pagkatapos ipapadala niya sa ‘yo yung proof na asawa ka na nga niya at yun ang dadalhin mo sa Korean Embassy.
      About the CFO, makukuha agad ang certificate after the two-day seminar. Tapos pagkakuha mo ng visa from the embassy, kailangan uli bumalik ng CFO para kumuha ng Emigrant sticker. Tapos bili ka na ng one-way ticket mo ;p

  10. Hello Ms Betchay,
    Nice info you post very informative. Have you finish already about getting married in korea? if yes can you give me the link. I was trying to look. If not, on your opinion, where is more convenient to marry? Philippines or korea? By the she is korean and I am filipino ^_^. We’re planning to get married soon….

    1. Hi yk. Im a Filipino and married sa korean girl. Ako din e na hihirapan maka hanap ng lalakeng pinoy na naka pag asawa ng koreana.

  11. ganun ba? my gf told me there was a new requirement. health insurance ata or health certificate. anyway nakakatuwa namang basahin mga comments. i just wish a filipino guy who has a korean woman gf or wife could post here. and give some comments i would like to meet them as well ^_^ me and my girl been looking for filipino – korean woman couple. anywhere in phils or kr.
    anyway ms bethchay could you give us some small info regarding getting in kr….
    many thanks

  12. Hi Ms.Betchay ,
    Thanks for the reply..
    Nainterview na po kmi sa Korean Embassy last July 2010 para makakuha ng Legal Capacity to marry ang husband ko. Meron pa po bang interview ulit ang couple pagkatpos ng ikasal dito sa Pinas? I’ve heard din po kelangan ipaseal muna ang NSO marriage contract before sending it to Korea.
    “Kailangan niya i-register ang marriage ninyo sa Pinas.” What do you mean po?
    thanks Ms.Betchay~ ^^~

  13. heLLo..ipost ko lng po ang info na pwde mkatulong
    kkgaling ko lng po kc sa cfo seminar bale 3days po aqoh ngseminar tpos pgkatpos 3days ibbgay na ang cfo kpg kumpleto ang requirements na hnhingi nla,pro pg d pa complete d mkukuha ang cfo bale bblikan mo kpg kumpleto na hnihingi nla..
    about nmn sa NSO marriage contract nkuha ko na po at nsend na ng husband ko sken d2 sa pinas kso kelangan ko pa ng marriage relation nya kc kelangan po sa cfo yon kya yon

    1. ate batchay ask q lang po.. about sa cfo po,, knsal po aq nung may 2012 ,, cguro mga july nag punta q cfo bali 5days pa nun ,, eh nka 3days lng po aq ,, bali ndi aq nbgyan ng councilor,, kse pang 4days pa po ata un bgo mag one on one interview, , nag e mail nmn aq s knla pero di sila nag reresponse, kya gnwa q nitong nov.2012 sa quirino mag apply sna q ng pnibago ulit kso hinihngan nmn aq ng nso authenticated n marriage conntract, eh ang dla q lng po nun ay hindi authenticaded, at zerox lng ng nso marriage contract , dhil naipdala q po sa aswa q ung nso na marriage contract., hindi nila aq pinapasok pag ktapos qng pumila ng maaga, pnaliwanag q po n dati nag seminar n q sa dating tanggapan nla at pnaliwanag na di q ntapos dhil nka 3days lng aq, ang sbi skin nkpag seminar k n pala iimail nlng nla q at tatawagan,,, pero wla aq nareceive s knla n khit ano,, iniicp q nw n wla p nmn aq councilor para mag bigay ng mga requirements qung ttwagan nila aq,,, , hindi q alam qng dapat ba na mag apply nlng po ba aq ng panibago,, pg po b mg apply aq ng pnibago madedetect po b nila ung una q seminar sa cfo,,,? slamat po

  14. now waiting nlng po ako na mkpg apply sa passport ko..kso ang prob ko po dpt ba tlga ang single name ang gamitin ko sa passport ko??kc dba sa korea kpg kinasal ang lalaki hnd gagamitin ang surname nla,.haiiii
    kya now po mga papeles ko ay surname ko sa pgkadalaga kso married npo ang nkalagay sa status ko ok lng po ba yon???thanks

  15. hi Gay!
    it depends. kung isu-submit agad ng local registry ninyo ang marriage cert. ninyo sa NSO, madali lang. but if not, matatagalan ka rin so need mo to follow it up.
    ako, 14 days to 3 weeks lang (di ko na maalala kung ilang days exactly) kase ako mismo nag-lakad ng papers ko. kinuha ko needed documents from our local registry (yung nag-issue din ng marriage license nyo) at ako mismo nag-submit sa NSO main office (?), QC… malapit din lang kase don work place ko non so ako na nag-asikaso.

  16. ATE betchay?ok lng po ba gamitin ko sa passport ko yung surname nung dalaga pako???pati NBI at mga requirements sa F21 ok lng po apelyido ko nung dalaga ako pero ung civil status ko po ay married na po??hnd po ba ako tatanungin sa embassy kpg apelyido ko nung dlaga ako yung gnamit ko?thanks po

    1. hi joan… hindi ako nagpalit ng passport after ng wedding namin… so hanggang pagdating ko rito eh gamit ko yung passport ko noong single pa ako… okay lang yun pero pagkuha mo ng alien card mo eh gamit mo ang pangalan mo sa passport

      1. hi Joan! i just applied for my passport after getting married. kaso, since “married” na yung status ko sa application paper ko, nong nakitang “foreigner” yung asawa ko (from my marriage cert.), hiningan ako ng certificate from the cfo–na nag-attend nga ako ng seminar, yung green paper, nalimutan ko na kung anong tawag sa kanya..
        pero kung may old passport ka siguro and ipaparenew mo lang, okay na yon.

      2. Ms.Betchay yun rin po ang concern ko about sa passport single din po kc ako nung nag.apply ako ng passport and now Im already married. Di po ba magkacomplicate mga papers ko if yung surname na gmit ko eh yung single pa ako? Pano po kng gusto kong gamitin ang surname ng husband ko. maaeexpire pa po passport ko 2014. Ok lng po ba palitan ko yun? eh sa visa ko naman po bka magcomplicate after I already changed my surname. Please help. Thanks po

        1. Hi Cha! Your husband is Korean right? Okay lang yan. Ako rin yung passport ko nung single pa ako ang ginamit ko nung pumunta ako rito. Usually naman hindi nagche-change ng last name ang mga babae na nag-aasawa rito. Yun nga lang, hindi mo rin gagamitin surname ng husband mo. Pwede mo rin palitan ang name mo kung Korean citizen ka na.

          1. thanks po sa reply.
            yes Ms.Bethay..He’s Korean. ^^
            gnun po ba.. thank you po.. after 2 years pa po dba pwede ako maka.apply ng citizenship? so, it means within 2 years di ako pwede makabasyon sa Pinas?

          2. hi cha! kung two years na kayong kasal at nakatira rito, pwede ka na mag-apply ng citizenship… pwede ka naman magbakasyon anytime…

          3. hi po,
            pwd hingi ng advice,, i am confused f im going to use the family name of my hzband for passport ? or hindi na lng cguro kasi sabi ng iba hassle dw? thanx a lot….

          4. Hi,
            I processed my passport a week ago and i’ll be getting it on the 27th. In my case since i am a Mr. their’s no need for me to have any changes with my surname/family name but only the status. Regarding your concern, if your married with your korean guy here then, you have to change your last name, female spouses must change their last names once they get married and bear their husband’s family name in our country. Once you’ll get your passport or apply for your passport you need to indicate their if your “single” or “married”. If married then, they will need your NSO marriage certificate the one in security paper. So that means after the wedding, you need to follow up your marriage certificate 3 days after in your Local Civil Register’s office and ask for an electronic endorsement for Manila so u can get a copy from any NSO office in your place after 3 weeks.

          5. i see.. kala ko po kc 2 years pa ako makauwi ng Pinas hehehe
            sa Pinas lng po kc kmi kinasal.. wla na kaming plan magpakasal ulit sa Korea… last Sept.2010 pa po kmi ikinasal. 🙂
            thanks po talaga Maam Betchay. Nkakatulong po talaga ang blog myo sa aming mga Pinay who are married to a Korean like you. ^__^ God bless po.
            hope to see you soon in Korea~


  17. Ms. Betchay/Jehan,
    almost 3 weeks na un, still wala pa rin ung NSO copy of marriage certificate namin, matagal ba talaga un? naiinip na ako.

  18. Gay, did you check sa local registry nyo kung naforward na yung marriage cert. ninyo sa NSO? matagal talaga.
    if not, ikaw na maglakad if malapit ka rin lang ng Quezon City..

  19. JEHAN
    ahh ung cfo ba un green..meron na me po naw non cerificate galing cfo..wait nlng me ng passport ko irealease tas apply na ko ng F21 ..mga ilan days ba processing???
    balak kc nmn ng asawa ko mgpksal na sa dec 24 eh…sna mprocess agad..mdali nlng ba mbgyan ng visa?my interview pba ako?o kelangan ko pa ksma ang asawa ko sa interview?

  20. hi Joan!
    did you personally apply for your passport? ako kase via agency, kase akala ko mapapadali kaso naman tamad naman pala yung agent. imagine, after 14(? or 21?) days ko pa nalaman na need ko yung cfo. tapos after dat, 1 week yata. di ko na maalala. sa sobrang stress ko non sa nangyari.
    madali lang naman na yung visa din. just 3-5 days. wala nang interview yun. no need na rin na kasama ang husband.

    1. sobrang dami ko na kaseng absent from work noon so i just went to an agency for my passport. it’s still good to apply personally talaga. malalaman mo agad yung kulang or problema..

  21. jeHAN aii ganon..nkpg apply nko ng passport at aku kc ng ackaso ng mga papers ko hnd nako ngpa agency kasi eh..
    aii wla na pla interview kala ko meron…hehe..nsa korea knb naw?
    tanong ko lng dn iinvite ko kc sister ko sa kasal ko sa korea bale sabay xia sken pgkuha ng visa nya..mdali lng dn ba xia maapprove?

  22. hi JOAN!
    yes, andito na ko sa Korea. but it took me some time to come here. June 2008 yung kasal namin pero October na ko nakapunta dito. pano medyo nalito din kase ako sa processing ng papers ko non.
    about your sister’s visa, i’m not so sure about that. maganda na rin yung merong invitation letter from your husband. i think merong list si ate Betchay ng requirements pag invitation ng brother/sister ng foreign wife (i couldn’t remember if this also falls under family visa). this december or january ko pa lang ita-try invite sister ko (pero coming from another country sya). although yung Mama ko, naapprove naman agad yung visa application nya (family visa–parent of the foreign spouse).
    i hope and pray ma-approve din visa application ng sister mo..

  23. JEHAN ai ganon bah.sna nga maapprove kameng dlawa ng sister baby knb???hnd knb ininterview sa embassy nung kumuha ka visa mo?

  24. hi JOAN!
    ngayong jan.15 pa lang kami magkaka-baby.. (due date ko)..
    hndi na. wala na interview pa. tama na yung interview nila sa Korean pag nag-counseling bago i-issue yung certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage.
    natagalan nga kami non, sobrang daming Koreans kase straight from the airport sila non. as in dala pa mga luggage sa embassy.
    inabot kami sa loob ng past their closing time…

  25. hi po!itanong ko lng po kung pwd ba akung magpagasal ng pilino?korean citizen na ako dto may isang anak at widow na po,2yrs na kmi ng bf kung pinoy,,gusto na min magpakasal dto korea,,,ang dala ng bf ay kanya birth cert.pwd po ba kmi mag pakasal?ang dati ko pong byanan ok lng po nla at klala po cya sa side ng anak ko at gusto din nla magpakasal ako sa bf ko.

    1. Hi Jelz. Oo pwede na kayo magpakasal ng bf mo pero kailangan ng bf mo kumuha ng “Certification of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage” mula sa Philippine Embassy. Kailangan niya ng NSO copy ng birth certificate at CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage).

  26. JEHAN
    hehe ganun dretso na cla sa embassy..
    hai sna mkakuha agd me visa,kc bka kasal ku sa dec 24 sna mkaabot akU,..congrats baby na kau..:-)

  27. jehan na add na po kta,,accept u nlng po hah..mrunong kna po ba mgsalita ng korean??ilan years kna po sa korea?

    1. JOAN, ni-add na rin kita..
      hindi pa rin ako marunong magsalita..
      kulang sa practice eh, at kulang sa motivation, LOL…
      2 years 1 month na ako dito to be exact..

  28. Ate Betchay,
    I am living with my korean partner now for over 2 years and had our 1st baby last month. Were currently residing now in Phils. I would like to ask regarding the “Legal Capacity for marriage” do we really have to go to Korean Embassy in Manila or is it possible to get a copy in Korea and have it send here. I was thinking maybe they have their single certificate in korea (like cenomar) and I am planning to call the Korean Consulate here in cebu if they could translate it into english..Is this possible? We are planning to get married on december thru a civil wedding in bohol were i grew up. We really want to get married next month since he have to go back in korea next year bcoz his been staying here for almost a year.
    Hope you could provide me some answers.

  29. hello betchay,
    ok na po lahat ng papers namin.Kasal nalang po needed.kaso iniisip ko kasi baka madeny ako kasi nung ininterview kami sinabi niya na ate ko na tnt ang way kaya nameet ko siya (in korean language) ako naman nung tinanong fren namin kako kaya hindi tugma.Possible ba un na gawing reason para madeny ako?
    Hope matulungan niyo ako.

  30. hello everyone,
    problema ko pa kasi ung mga anak niya ayaw siyang pag asawahin sa filipina. Wag lang daw sa ibang lahi. Kasi lalaetin daw sila ng mga in laws to be nila kung malaman nila na filipina ang asawa ng tatay nila.. (divorce na siya)Tinakot pa siya na lalayasan siya kung tinuloy niya.
    As good person, ayaw ko siyang pumili kasi alam ko mahalaga ang pamilya niya.. Binibigay ko na po sa kanya ang decision. I know sobrang hirap un s kanya. So, Please pray for us nalang.

  31. Ate Betchay,
    How long does it take for you to get ur NSO marriage cert.? We went n SK embassy last week to get his legal capacity. We submitted the requirements n the morning and was interviewed n the afternoon. Out of 9 couples who were interviewed including us, 2 couples were denied and wasnt able to get their legal capacity. They failed to answered the simple questions of the consul, they were asked by the consul if the korean have already met their parents. The Filipina then answered a week ago, the consul stressed out if she’s telling the truth. Then the consul said the korean just arrived in Phil. 2 days ago. So they were denied. I thought to myself, wow how was that possible for them to meet and decide to get married? Perhaps, a lot of Filipinas have different reasons to go in Korea. Anyway, we got the legal capacity after the interview. After a week, we went to the municipality to submit our requirements for our civil wedding but to my surprise we were asked to submit an additional requirement which is the NSO cenomar for my Korean fiance’. I insisted to the officer that he has the legal capacity which is the only requirement for a foreigner to get married here in Phil. but according to them foreigners now are asked to get their NSO cenomar bcoz there are a lot of cases were foreigners are married in Phil more than once esp. Americans. It wont be reflected in his legal capacity which is from the embassy if he got married here in Phil. unless he’s staying here for long. Aside from the family planning we have to attend this tuesday which will be conducted using our native language and not english, waiting for his NSO cenomar took us another days to be listed. If God’s grace, I could go to Korea by next year together with my 2 mos. old baby.

    1. mahigpit na now before we got interview out of 6 couples 2 couples including me and my fiancee got passed..may umiyak pa nga na nadenied..sinasala na nila now ..its good naman para malaman talaga kung talagang nagmamahal ang or just for money lang…i got passed but my fiancee got busy in his work so its expired hoping makauwi na xia here to get another legl capacity…i kept his legal capacity and hoping madali kumuha ulit..nakapasa naman kami so i hope no interview again ..^___^

  32. hi p0!
    ^_^ ehehehe… first tym q d2!!,, ehehee
    buti nlng nkta q toh,,,
    ate, ung korean bf ko p0 and me may plan na kmi na mgpksal near september ds 2011, but d2 sa pinas kmi mgppksal,,,
    as of now, nagplan plng kmi sa mga kakailanganin…
    hes at korea now… sana matuloy,, hehehe… sa nbasa ko d2, parang ang dami ng process…..

  33. -__- scientist yon… hay naku,,, uu nga, pg bumibisita xa d2, 10 days lng xa,, but, ne stayed 1 month here last year,,, -_-

  34. ah! ate,,, yong bf q, ayaw niya mkpgfrnd aq sa mga guys… ni mga barkada q ayaw niya efrnd ko sa fb,, ganun ba tlga mga korean guys?…-_- nagtataka lng…….

  35. ate!!
    change last name na me pgkasal na kmi?.. –– sori, d ko lng maxado gets ung nbasa ko eh… db u said na d mo change ung last name mo dat tym coz hassle ung pgproces ng passport,,,,
    d nmn aq luluwas ng korea,, ksi i need to study pa,,, –

  36. hindi ba pwedeng dun cla sa korea kukuha ng legal capacity or certificate of singleness? Ate Betchay i need to call you for clarifications.naguguluhan ako.pls email me.

    1. hi,
      f ur planning to get married in d phil.,ur hzband 2 b has to get it in korea.since legal capacity s d need requiremnt to get married for foreign.

  37. hello!!uuuuu
    plzzz anybody in here cod help n advise me…? i’ve got a problm abwt ds CFO requiremnts for D 1st tym passport application to get a counselling certificate..the SMEF-COW cebu an NGO authorized by CFO to conduct seminars for spouse of foreign nationals,wer asking me too many requiremnts; 1. certificate of foreign relations,is ds d same as certificate of korean marriage history? 2. household/resident register(english)…does ths 2 really a need? de ko tlga alam ang mga ito,d rest i nver mention kasi makukha ko lng agad dto sa phils.i’ve heard CFO wl not give a certificate unless u comply all d rquimnts….thanks for dis talaga….

  38. ayan na confuse na naman ako.saan ba talaga pwedeng kunin ang Legal capacity to contract marriage? pwede ba nyang kunin sa korea o dito tlaga sa pilipinas? at ilang araw ba nirerelease yun?aside from that document ano pa ang kelangan bago pumunta ng pinas ang groom at magpakasal? ang gulo na kse.kaloka! 🙂

    1. hi cherrie! sa Korean Embassy sa Pilipinas kinukuha ang Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage pero kailangan dalhin ng BF mo ang mga documents from Korea na gaya ng family register

      1. a ok.tnx much! does he have to attend a seminar ba in korea b4 cia punta d2 with his family register to get the legal capacity?advisable ba to get info sa mga international marriage agencies?

  39. hi cherrie,
    grl sori tlaga f i made u cnfused.wen i sent u my comment i ws thinking of those documents needed for marriage visa…yez cha was ryt u can get d legal capacity n korean embassy manila. n my case kasi i dont knw f my hzband brought any other documnts frm korea b4 we got d legal capa….

  40. Hello po ate betchay!I’m here now in korea and had been staying here for about 8 months na. I just wanna ask , what are the requirments needed for my parents and sisters visa to attend my korean wedding this october. I keep looking up infos but i’m confused about it. You’re reply will be much appreciated po.

  41. Hello po ate betchay! i have been a follower and ur blog is very informative specially us filpinos living here in korea. I have been staying here for about 8 months now. I just wanna ask, what are the documents needed for my parents and sisters to get tourist visa for them to attend my wedding this october.
    Your reply is much appreciated po.

      -Korean Family Census issued within the last 3 months (original)
      -Korean’s Passport photocopy
      -Daughter’s Passport photocopy
      -Daughter’s NSO marriage Certificate
      -Invitation letter from the Korean National
      FOR KOREAN’S SISTER/BROTHER-IN-LAW (sister or brother of a
      Filipino married to a Korean)
      -Birth Certificate of the applicant
      -Korean’s Marriage History Certificate (issued within 3 months)
      -Korean’s passport photocopy (first page)
      -Married Filipino’s passport photocopy (first page)
      -Married Filipino’s NSO Marriage Certificate
      -Invitation Letter from the Korean national
      If applicant is employed, submit Employment Certificate, BAnk Certificate and ITR
      just copied from this blog’s SK tourist visa FAQ which you can find and click at the topmost page of this blog…
      if you’re still confused or doubtful, have your husband call the embassy/immigration. they will gladly tell him what documents your family members need.
      tell your family back home to fill in the visa application form correctly and completely. it’s really very important…

    1. you’re welcome, Jen… i hope your family members’ applications get approved. my mom’s visa was approved and issued after 3 days only. she was instructed to fill in the application form completely.

  42. Hi,
    Would like to know if someone here are processsing their F-2-1? We just had our wedding in Phils. this month and now I am waiting for our NSO marriage cert for me to process my passport using my husband’s last name and registered our marriage in Korea. Btw, next week i am planning to attend the CFO seminar here in Cebu. Any replies would be much appreciated. Thanks much.

    1. hi kim,
      same as mine i’m processing my F-2-1. Jan 12 i’ll be attending CFO seminar as well, here n SMEF-COW Cebu.’til now im waiting my NSO marriage certificate for my passport.
      hope to see u there…u

      1. hi Ladies!
        just don’t forget to secure your CFO certificate before applying for your passport. DFA also requires a copy of it when you’re married to a foreigner…

        1. hi jehan,
          i just would like to ask f u cod stl remember d time wen u wr attending d seminar for u to get d CFO cert,were u asked to submit d ff. requirements by d counselling office as i mention above? and wat are those documents/certificates u passed from ur hzband aside frm NSO marriage cert and family register…

      2. hi kim,
        my certified true copy of marriage contract authenticated by NSO was accepted n DFA but im lacking CFO Counselling certificate for passport the rule n SMEF-COW,they wl not release d counselling certificate unless we wl attend d seminar and we wl b able to complete their requiremnts…I really had an headache regarding their requiremnts.So now, im waitng for our NSO so i cod send it to my hzband n korea.aftr that he gonna send back d NSO marriage cert togethr with d cert of korean marriage history/family register and the said requirements of SMEF-COW. they showed me d samples of certificates i hav to get frm my hzband,these are the HOUSEHOLD/RESIDENT REGISTER,CERTIFICATE OF FAMILY RELATIONS,FAMILY CENSUS REGISTER. Goodness!are’nt they d same as FAMILY REGISTER/CERTIFICATE OF KOREAN MARRIAGE as one? so confused about this,i need to clarify this wednesday during d seminar.. r u confused about this too?

        1. My husband was so eager for me and my son to go to korea asap but the only problem of mine right now are d ff;
 get a passport but stl lacking of CFO certificate so i need to attend a seminar n SMEF-COW(St. Mary Euphrasia Foundation-Center for Overseas Workers)
 comply the SMEF-COW requiremnts u need d ff;
          a. my 2 valid ID’s
          b. NSO marriage cert
          c. my hzband’s photocopy of passport
          d. certificate of family relations (frm my hzband)
          [need to confirm]
          e. household/resident register[need to confirm]
          f. family register
          g. 3 pics togethr wd ur hzband
          *after attending the seminars and complying all d requiremnts,the CFO wl issue the COUNSELLING CERTIFICATE immediately which are needed for passport and F-2-1 requiremnts.
          *to recall,by the time we got the legal capacity of my hzband in manila korean embassy last november 2010, we filled up some forms and we were interviewed by d korean consul after d interview, he gave us some requirements for F-2-1. I asked my hzband f we stl hav to be interviwed again for d visa application since i am frm cebu. he told me no more interviews,i jst hve to complete the requiremnts for MARRIAGE VISA(F-2-1) directly.
          the ff marriage visa requirements;
          1. passport original(6 mnths valid)
          2. copy of passport 1st page
          3. NSO marriage certificate original
          4. certificate of korean marriage history original(frm ur hzband)
          5. police clearance/NBI clearance
          6. CFO certificate original(green color)
          7. invitation letter frm ur hzband
          8. visa fee 1500 pesos
          *after receiving the passport n visa,filipino spouses or partners wl have to register n CFO before the departure. registration s done n CFO manila or Cebu. an emigrant registration sticker wl b affixed in ur passport.
          the ff. requiremnts for CFO registration are;
          1. passport
          2. visa photocopy and original
          3. CFO certificate
          4. registration fee 400
          I just hope this would help for those who has no info yet for processing their F-2-1.

          1. Hi ^^ thanks for this ^^
            I already attended the 2 days seminar here in Manila and on the 3rd day we can have our one on one interview. and yes, processing those documents is really a headache. T.T
            The CFO -PRISM only required us Korean Family Census( translated in English) . They don’t mentioned about HOUSEHOLD/RESIDENT REGISTER,CERTIFICATE OF FAMILY RELATIONS. I don’t know also what are those if it’s similar to KOREAN FAMILY CENSUS they are referring. ^^

          2. true, NO need for you to be interviewed again for your visa application…
            dati wala namang invitation letter from husband. so that’s the added requirement.
            **yung pictures, you might also want to add a picture with your parents and with the solemnizing officer..
            make sure you keep the paper they gave you: it has control number right?
            i hope and pray tuluy tuloy ang flow ng application ninyo…
            pahabaan lang talaga ng pasensya para di masyado ma-stress..

          3. hi cha,
            i checked the samples of all the certificates they’ve mentioned that made me confused b4….and yes KOREAN FAMILY CENSUS is jst the same as HOUSEHOLD and FAMILY RELATIONS. Anyway,they wl b askng 2 certificates that has to b translated in english relations/census (ur hubby’s name,hs ex-wife f divorced, n hs parents’ name wl appear EXCEPT ur name) 2.marriage history/relations (ur hubby,hs parents and UR name can b seen).

  43. hi jehan,
    just clarify somthing..during ur time,does d counselling office or SMEF-COW as we call here n Cebu d one who authorize to handle seminars,do they asked u d same requirements like cert of household/resident register,family relations cert,family register? d first 2 i mentioned,i really dont know. do u hav an idea about ds 2 certificates th’r asking? d ba we just hav to get d family register/cert of korean marriage history frm our hzband n korea n d NSO marriage we sent?

    1. i just couldnt’ remember their korean or exact english translations but as far as i can remember, yung documents lang naman you’ll need about/from your husband are the following:
      -photocopy of his’ passport’s first page
      -photocopy of visa page or where his arrival in and departure from the philippines are reflected (as for me, i asked my hubby to just send me his passport so I could show them very well)
      -Husband’s Marriage history (relations/family register)-your name is reflected already as his wife
      -Husband’s Family Census (household/resident register)-
      **the marriage history and family census must be translated in English and have them notarized at the korean embassy.
      kung mait-translate din lang ng hubby, let him do it coz translation services in PH are pricey. my husband and i translated our own documents. line per line. walang na-skip or missed lines or entries kase mahahalata agad ng CFO personnel. magiging questionable e magiging sagabal pa ulit sa processing ng papers.
      yung iba kase, married na pala dito or di pa finalized ang divorce. so yung nagt-translate mismo, ini-skip yung entry or part na yon para sana makalusot yung applicant/Filipina…
      i saw two cases while i was submitting my documents.. nakapila kase kami non… kawawa naman, naloko pa…

      1. hi jehan,
        thanks a lot talaga jehan…erythng s clear nw abwt dat certificates.i hav here d household register but n korean.yes they want an english hzband told me its quite expnsive.he’s n korea ryt now. whr shod i go for english translation here n d phils?

        1. can you read korean texts already? can you romanize them? you can read each entry to your husband and maybe he can dictate to you the english translation. that’s what my hubby and i did thru internet phone nga lang… kkk…
          sa korean embassy non, may binigay na addresses pero sa makati pa yon. malayo nanaman at namahalan ako so free naman ang internet phone non sa bahay, we just did it ourselves…
          or, pag may mga kakilala kang koreans jan, why not ask them to help you instead…

  44. hi gerl,
    Glad to know u here in Ms. Betchay’s blog, I called the SMEF-COW last Friday, they told me to bring a 2 valid ID’s, my birth cert., marriage contract, photocopy of my husband’s passport (1st page and his latest arrival) and a picture of me and my husband. I am planning to attend the seminar on Monday. I got shocked reading ur comments, it seems that they are very strict with the req., is the marriage contract isn’t enough as a proof? Well, I’l try this Monday if i could still attend, I’l keep you posted. If they will still insist with those add. requirements u mentioned aboved I will bring my husband with me during the seminar since he’s been staying here in Phil. for over 2 years. Hope to see u personally.

    1. Hi gerl,
      How old is ur son? I’l b travelling also with my 2mos. old son. Hope I could attend the seminar tomorrow. Do u have FB so we could chitchat sometimes? I got always stressed thinking of the requirements and not to mention the turtle walk of processing here in Phil. Its not that i am rushing everything but our country really *****..

      1. hi kim,
        i was so thankful too u’r here in ms betchay’s blog thanks for first,i was bringing the said requirmnts u mentioned.aftr i passed some rqremnts,the NGO worker askd me to bring the rest of ds rqremnts.i explained to them dat my hzband s in korea nw,and i need to get d certificate after d seminar for d passport. they jst said i need to pass thr requiremnts 1st b4 cfo wl release d cert. d last tym i askd her again f cert of korean marriage history (whch my husband knws abwt,also need for F-2-1) the same as cert of family relations and she said yes…stl others i need to clarify..yes,i heard thr getting strict for korean visa application. marriage contract isn’t enough,they need d documnts from korea to ensure dat we reli r registerd n d family register of our hzband. i told my hzband abwt ds but he jst told me others r not needed i’d btr call korean embassy but thr embassy has nothing to do wd cfo or SMEF-COW rqrmnts..u’d btr confirm it again kim f ur planning to go ds d way wer u askd to attend 2 days seminar ds jan 12-13 or jan 26-27 u may choose btwn ds 2 sched?

      2. hi kim,
        they’re more strict than applying for F 2-1 reli stressed grabe.. SMEF-COW isn’t important tlaga they r jst delaying our visa.
        wow gud u also hv a son. mine s a 1yr n 2mnths. fb ko gerly estrera yang. n ur fb?

    2. hi Kim!
      that was my sentiment too during my time…
      are the marriage contract and pictures pre and post nups not enough?
      i’ve seen other filipinas with their husbands at CFO, still, you both have to comply with the needed requirements.
      afterall especially the documents, especially coming from Korea, will prove that you are the legal wife of the Korean.
      i only realized the importance of their being so strict with the documents when 2 women whose documents got checked ahead of me were told that the marriage cert. from Korea signified that their husbands are still dealing with divorce procedures here in Korea.
      too bad.. i really felt sorry for them…
      to some, especially for those who are still going to get married, it would have been a relief. but for some, it’s too late already. they gave in to the desire of the korean to get married right away…

      1. Hi Jehan! I attended the CFO seminar before we got married. I brought my CV with me (plus college diploma, grad school registration papers, ITR and COE) and the counselor didn’t give me a hard time. Some of the ladies who were there were denied the certificate even after attending the 2-day seminar.

      2. No one could blame me if i would say this SMEF-COW is quite frustrating and seems to be anti-emigrant.
        Sa ‘kin kasi ,i want to process my passport earlier para hindi ako masyadong maghintay nang matagal.Hindi ko maintindihan kng bakit hindi nila i accept ‘yung CERTIFIED TRUE COPY ng marriage cntract authenticated sa NSO (eh nabasa ko sa requrmnts CTC/NSO) . Pero NSO MARRIAGE CERT ay talagang kinakailangan sa embassy at CFO registration for the sticker.Eh CFO COUSELLING CERTIFICATE pa lang ang hinihingi natin para sa passport hindi pa CFO STICKER paano ma affixed ang sticker kng wala pang passport at visa.Sa DFA nga accepted na ang CERTFIED TRUE COPY ko NSO authenticated lang, kulang ko CFO cert lng…aftr sana ng seminar ths week makukuha ko na sana ang CFO COUNSELLING CERT at passport processing na agad kung hindi lang sa NSO CERT agad ang hinihingi at iba pang cert na kukunin pa sa korea,ang alam kasi nang counsellor hinihintay ko pa ‘yung NSO MARRIAGE ko kaya hinihingan ako ng NSO agad.
        Although sa iba its a good thing talaga,but sa side ko hindi gaano.uuu
        Our relationship is almost 8yrs now and we hav a son 1yr n 2 mnths old.Hs parents want us to get married 2008 sana but I wasn’t interestd yet and he got some problm sa US visa nya plus overstaying pa here ‘coz he never went back korea for 6yrs. So,this will be the longest time he will be away from us since his father got stroke and he will be managing there family business in korea…anyway he used to call everyday but we really miss his presence especially my son who lost his playmate….uuu

        1. @ate Betchay, oo nga rin eh, sana din i knew about getting the CFO before getting married and also processed my passport before marriage, hehe..haay… sobrang doon ako na-stress at nag-gain ng weight…
          i fully understand how you feel…
          buti na lang sa manila ang work ko non and yung schedule namin e flexi-time.. naaasikaso ko papers in the morning then work in the afternoon or v.v….

          1. thanx jehan,..yes i knew u’d feel d same way b4.kkk..buti pa kayo an dyan na sa korea. F i jst knew about ms betchay’s blog b4 i processed my F21 and find out what has to be done first,i wont end up like this…its too late…kkkk..i cant do anything,only to follow the policy in here…

  45. as of now,i have to wait for our NSO so i cod send it to my hzband and send me back d NSO ncluding d family registr,invitation letter and others…

    1. To Gerly,
      Same with urs..When was ur wedding? Did u applied for early endorsement?
      In my case, after our wedding last Jan.3, I directly applied for an early endorsement with my marriage cert. The municipality where our wedding took place sent the documents after 3 working days addressing to NSO. I will make a follow up here in NSO cebu after a week showing the endorsement letter. I regret that I didnt filed for an early endorsement with my son’s b.certificate, so now I have to wait for 6 months to get a copy from NSO. Does ur baby have passport too?

      1. To Gerly,
        Pls do confirm with my request in FB, hope u’l be online tonight so we could talk freely. ^_^

    1. hi faith! try visiting the korean embassy. sila mismo may nire-recommend. pricey nga lang. about P800 yata per page during our time, 2008, so my husband and i just translated our documents.

  46. hello everyone, im back! busy at work and stressed sa kakaisip ng docs and preps for the wedding. i went to the Korean embassy a couple of days ago to get the requirements for gettine the Legal Capacity and to check if there we’re new updates. buti naman at wala.kinausap ko yung 2 ladies na ngbabantay and so far clear na sakin which docs are we going to submit.buti nalng at wlang tao nung pumunta ako kc they’re on lunch break and its a good thing malapit lng office namin dun at free ride pa sa shuttle.
    i have a question regarding the CFO Seminar, do we have to bring our husbands pa ba o hindi na pag umattend nun? I found their website online: This might be helpful. I’ll try to call them next week if i could already attend even if d pa kasal. for peeps who have fb, u may add me Thanks and more power to everyone! Cheers!

    1. hi cherrie! you don’t need to bring your husband at the CFO seminar… i attended the CFO seminar na hindi pa ako kasal… i wanted to learn more before ako nag-decide eh… anyway, tawagan mo na lang sila and inform us… thanks!

  47. Stumbled upon this article while browsing KBS website for info about the weather bcoz my H2B is complaining about the very cold weather in Keoje Island. He said, its freezing. Wala na ciang mainom at pampaligo kse walang water!OMG! Eto na nga..
    Gov’t Seeks to Revise Laws on Foreigners Married to Koreans:
    The government has sought revisions to the process foreigners married to Koreans can acquire Korean citizenship.
    The government on Saturday convened a meeting of related agencies, including the Justice Ministry, and deliberated on and drew up a bill seeking revisions to laws regarding foreigners married to Koreans. The meeting was chaired by Prime Minister Kim Hwang-sik.
    Under the revised bill, the government will first grant permanent residency to foreigners married to Koreans for a certain period and after that period ends such foreigners will able to apply for Korean citizenship. Currently, such foreigners can apply to become a naturalized Korean citizen if they reside in the nation for two years.
    The Justice Ministry said the revisions are aimed at preventing foreigners from marrying Koreans and divorcing them soon after acquiring Korean citizenship through disguised marriages.
    The ministry plans to present to the revised bill at the National Assembly in March.
    Isang panggulo na naman but on the contrary, maigi na nga eto to prevent ‘disguised marriages’. Agree ba kayo dito? ako ewan, bahala na. 🙂

    1. hello cherrie!
      para sa’kin agree ako. korean men also needs protection against foreign wives who have hidden agenda in marrying them. for foreign wives, on the other hand, makakapag-isip-isip kung kaya nga ba n’ya to stick with her korean husband-to-be for that span of time lalo’t hindi niya naman ito mahal.
      Kaya lang, hindi rin naman ito favorable du’n sa foreign wives na talagang totoong nagmamahal kasi they would need to wait for years before nila ma-enjoy yung benefits kung sila ay korean or dual citizens na.
      But since marami nga ang case ng ‘disguised marriages’, I still agree to it.

  48. good morning everybody!
    Share ko lang din xperience ko dati when I ws still processng my papers for Korea. B4 ako pmunta ng Manila, sinearch ko muna sa net lahat ng necessary info frm where to stay, transpo (airport-place of stay-korean embassy.. etc), food, at mga procedures. inilista ko lahat ng itineraries ko at corresponding budget tapos sinend ko sa hubby ko.
    Nung nsa Korean Embassy na’ko (Monday), na-notice ko na kulang yung list of reqrmnts na nsa waiting area. May additional reqrmnts pa depende sa kung pa’no kayo nag meet ng hubby mo. Nakulitan kc sa’kin yung korean woman ng W2 at bnigyan ako ng list of reqrmnts frm insyd their office (pa’no, inuna kong mag-apply ng visa b4 cfo to save time. nbsa ko kc sa cfo website na pwde mag-attnd ng seminar while processng d visa at may site din akong nabasa na hindi required sa embssy ang CFO. net talga, minsan sablay). pero naging blessing in disguise na rin kc kumpleto na agad papers ko nung nag-apply ako for visa.

    1. at dahil dumiretso nlng din ako ng PRISM nung Monday, na-sched akong umattend ng seminar on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. Ibig sabihin, kung nagpa-regstr pla ako ng Tuesday (as planned), bka the next wk pa ako na-sched for seminar dahil sa dami ng participants.

  49. hello po…. been wondering what presents did u prepare for ur parents-in-law..=).. im going to korea soon and i have some problems on deciding what gifts should i prepare for them… dont wanna go there namn po n empty handed,…hehe
    hope u could give some suggestions…. i would appreciate it a lot po.. thanks so much..

    1. Hi Claire! I prepared some Pinoy food goodies and native handicrafts. It would be better for you to ask your husband what your PILs would like. They could be like mine who are not interested in anything native – like they’re the kind of people who think that Singapore is a better place than any other European city they’ve visited ;p

    2. good noon, claire!
      Like you, I also desired to bring some presents for my PILs before I came here but was not able to do so as my hubby discouraged me (bka mgka-excess baggage lng dw).
      However, let me just share to you the suggestion of my friend. He told me to bring tanduay as a gift. He said he sent the parents of her korean gf a bottle of tanduay. Soon after he got a personal phone call from his gf’s parents saying, “I love you already”…. kkkkk… I don’t know if it would be good too in your case… 😉

    3. hi,,
      like you, I’m stl looking for a perfect gift for my parents-n-law…yes true,as what ms betchay said,they wont appreciate much on delicacies/native stuffs. the last time my hubby went back to korea, he had a hard time deciding on what gifts he has to bring for his parents and so he ended up nothing!hehehe coz b4 he brought some native foods like dried mangoes,pinoy made herbal medicines and a lot more it was jst stocked in d fridge,nobody eats them…but here is this stuff i saw in a shop whch i think hs parents wl b interested into, a “picture of his parents drawn and lightly sculptured in the wood”. the woods hav diffrent designs. as i knew,his mom loves memorable n unique thngs…stl im not so sure yet, i need to find out more…uuuu

  50. hello Ate Bechay~
    My Korean bf and I are planning to get married this May. I already had my NSO Birth cerficate and cenomar. We plan to have a civil wedding. I already have my passport. I got that 2 years ago. I would like to ask..which is better po..? Should I follow my soon-to-be-hubby’s last name? if so..i need to change my passport’s info..right? I should change my civil status too. Is that possible na yung passport na gagamitin ko ay ang passport ko ngayon with my last name and single civil status to apply for the visa going to Korea after marriage? Pwede po kaya yon?

    1. Hi lalien! That’s what I did. I didn’t change my passport to my husband’s family name when I applied for the visa. In Korea, women don’t usually change their family name to their husband’s. I’ve changed to my husband’s family name only last year since I got tired of writing my full name in Korean.

      1. thank you po Ate Bechay~
        but my bf wants me to carry his last name right away~ hahahaha~! so that means i have to renew my passport..
        Hmmmm..another question is better po ba na umatend sa CFO before marriage..or after marriage?
        Super thank you for the big~ big help!! You’re a blessing to many~ ^^

  51. ate bechay pwede mag ask ano po yung requirements kun mAG ATtend kami ng bf ko ng seminar sa korean embassy,,at ilang araw o oras yun matapos,,anong araw bah yung seminr bago ma release ang legL CAPAcity to marry,,help po

  52. hello po..
    ask lang po ako mam betchay, kung kukuha po ang hubby ko ng certification of singleness do he need to go to manila “korean embassy” personaly? kasi dito po kami nakatira cebu….hindi po ba pwede na tumawag sa embassy tapos padala nalang dito sa cebu by address??
    thanks po, waiting for reply….

  53. Hi Betchay,
    Thanks for posting informative topics here and your experience marrying to a Korean guy. It is very clear with regards to the requirements needed for the husband to be but what I don’t understand well is the requirement for the Philippine lady who wishes to marry a Korean man. As I’ve read the only requirement you submitted is the birth certificate and residence certificate or cedula right? Am just curious where you not required to submit your cenomar? but only your husband? Please reply because my Korean bf planned to marry me in the Philippines. Just want to be sure regarding requirements. Thank you so much. GOD BLESS!

  54. Hello Ma’am Betchay, me and my Korean boyfriend will get married in Korea on Nov…He is telling me about getting medical certificates..where do i get that?.here or in Korea?..and can you please help me with the requirements in getting married in Korea…I dont know what to do and where to start..

      1. Hello Miss Betchay, he lives in Neo Spot Busan Jin-Gu…i can give you his complete address , his name and were he works..but not here…if you have an e-mail address i can send you those info…anyway, he is also helping me with the requirements its just that sometimes it takes while and its not that easy to get documents here…like just now he told me that i need to have an affidavit of singleness(i think tha’ts cenomar) but it should be printed at least a month before we get married same with my birth certificate..and also he told me to get an affidavit from my parents that im single and it should be notarized…is there any website i can browse so that i have a guide on what to do?..thank you so much..

  55. Hello Ma’am Betchay, me and my Korean boyfriend will get married in Korea on Nov…He is telling me about getting medical certificates..where do i get that?.here or in Korea?..and can you please help me with the requirements in getting married in Korea…I dont know what to do and where to start..

  56. tanong q lng po invite ng husband q yng brother q s pinas yng invitation letter b kylangan png dalhin s attorney po,pls sna my smagot po s tnong q kc this month n po nya ipa2dala yng mga papers including yng invitation letter.tnx

    1. hi chelle! pwedeng hindi na notarized pero mas maganda kung notarized or dinaan sa abogado ang invitation letter, para naman may credibility di ba? punta lang siya sa 공증

  57. Hello Everyone,, ask ko lang po,kz medjo confused ako; kami ng husband ko,,we keep trying to call korean and phil embassy dito s korea about requirements and some FAQ/informations about these matters, unfortunately,walang sagot..:(
    First,kasal n po kami dito s korea last Feb. 21,2011 and I am using F-1 visa from that day until feb.23,2012. And by the end of this month of January n po ang balak nming umuwi and planned n magpakasal din po sa atin sa Pilipinas through civil wedding. We have already our Marriage Contract here in korea pero hindi p po nmin naipasa mismo s Philippine Embassy to get our Philippine marriage license,,, Sa ngaun po ang hawak nming requirements are the ff:
    1.Marriage Contract (korea)
    2.Our Authenticated Birth Certificate
    And ung legal capacity ng husband ko po ay thru processing plang,,
    eto po ung mga questions ko…
    1.those requirements are enough na po ba maliban po s mga photos? kung hindi po ano p po ang kulang?
    2.kasal n kami dito s korea and have our marriage contract, it is possible po b n pagkadating s Pilipinas direct n po kmi magprocess ng wedding or kailangang pumunta pa po muna kami s Korean Embassy?
    3.Obligado p rin po ba akong pumunta or umattend ng CFO to get my CFO certificate?
    4.And how long po kaya mapaprocess ang visa pabalik?
    Hoping n sana po masagot nyo po ung mga questions ko,badly need your help..Thank u po ng marami,,,God bless everyone..

  58. hi mom becthay,
    ask ko lang po kung halimbawa kasal na dito sa pinas,ano anu paba ang nid na documents.need pa ba ng cenomar ko.tsaka my pinsan ko dito 6months sxang over stay sa kr,pero gusto sxang pakasalan ng koryano nyang bf.pwede po ba yun?sa cfo kailangan ba kasal muna bago attend ng seminar sa cfo?

  59. Hello guys,
    I badly need your help since i will be getting my F-21 Spousal Visa this coming May and based on my readings with the earlier posts we have here a lot of changes for the visa requirements has been made. I’m gonna need a medical certification from a hospital. My Problem is I’m currently based at Cebu City and flying to manila just for a med. cert. is a waste of money and time. So, do you have any idea which hospital i can have my physical exam and other lab tests for my med. cert. here in Cebu?
    Your reply will be of a great help…! Kaja!

  60. hellow po good day im bonmarie pala new married ng korean … mag’tanung lang po ako sana, kung which is better to do so that my papers will be properly and easily process… hindi po ba ako mahirapan xa pag’process kung ngayon palang i’aquire kuna ang family name ng husband q….?
    hope you give time in reading and giving your suggestion in this matter… It will be great….


    1. Hi Beth! Yung fiance mo, kailangan niya mag-attend ng seminar sa Korea bago siya maka-apply ng legal capacity sa pilipinas. Basta wala siyang asawa sa Korea, makakakuha siya ng legal capacity at kailangan nasa Pilipinas siya sa date ng kasal niya. Karaniwan ng nagkakaproblema ay dahil sa may mali sa mga dates ng kasal nila at ng date na nasa Pilipinas ang asawa nila.


  63. Hello ma’am betchay
    I just wanna ask kng anu po ba ang susinod na hakbang we get married here in philippines?we got married last july 6,2012 and i got our nso marriage certificate last august 16 ,2012. What should i do next? Will i go to korean embassy to authorize or notarize it there? If so what are the additional requirements ma’am? And send it to my wife in korea so that she could register it there? Hope u can help me. Thank you so much.

  64. ate thanks for sharing the copy of your husband certificate of singleness. i will be married on oct and im really confused where he will get the paper. nakakastress pla…

  65. hi greetings…
    Gusto q lng sna mag ask ng ilang questions.
    I have a korean fiancee and i am currently staying here in korea. We are planning to get married in the philippines but the problem i i am now an overstay. If we will get marry sa pinas mahihirapan po ba kami?

    1. Hi Vhall! Yes, mas marami nang requirements ang visa now. Pero hindi naman pwede i-process ang visa sa Korea. Kailangan mo talagang bumalik ng Pilipinas para dun ayusin ang visa mo.

  66. hi ate jehan i just saw your blog can i ask ur help po ask ko lng anu yun full requierement n dapat ackasuhen ng bf ko kci nagpplanu sya magpakasal dito pilipinas korean yung bf ko pero nasa korea sya now,sa august uwe nya pinas pwede ko bang malapit complete details or requirements para sa civil marriage..thnks po…

  67. hi ate evening can i as for help..can u give me the complete requirements for civil married here phil my korean bf asking me what he needs documents.. hes planning come here phil by august..i just wait for your answer…thnks and hope u can help me about this problem…..

  68. hi ate ..gdmorning ask ko lng po kung anu complete requirement para makasal kame nung bf korean.saan po pwede cityhall sa manila. at madali..

  69. ate batchay ask q lang po.. about sa cfo po,, knsal po aq nung may 2012 ,, cguro mga july nag punta q cfo bali 5days pa nun ,, eh nka 3days lng po aq ,, bali ndi aq nbgyan ng councilor,, kse pang 4days pa po ata un bgo mag one on one interview, , nag e mail nmn aq s knla pero di sila nag reresponse, kya gnwa q nitong nov.2012 sa quirino mag apply sna q ng pnibago ulit kso hinihngan nmn aq ng nso authenticated n marriage conntract, eh ang dla q lng po nun ay hindi authenticaded, at zerox lng ng nso marriage contract , dhil naipdala q po sa aswa q ung nso na marriage contract., hindi nila aq pinapasok pag ktapos qng pumila ng maaga, pnaliwanag q po n dati nag seminar n q sa dating tanggapan nla at pnaliwanag na di q ntapos dhil nka 3days lng aq, ang sbi skin nkpag seminar k n pala iimail nlng nla q at tatawagan,,, pero wla aq nareceive s knla n khit ano,, iniicp q nw n wla p nmn aq councilor para mag bigay ng mga requirements qung ttwagan nila aq,,, , hindi q alam qng dapat ba na mag apply nlng po ba aq ng panibago,, pg po b mg apply aq ng pnibago madedetect po b nila ung una q seminar sa cfo,,,? slamat po

  70. hello Ms. Betchay,thank you so much for your very informative posts ^^ I don’t know if this post is still active, but I just want to ask is the legal capacity to marry still needed if we already have the certificate of singleness?thank you very much!^^

  71. Good morning ate betchay..
    Gusto ko po itanong..yong bf ko na korean ..pupunta siya dito ng pinas kc plano namin magpakasal dito..he is planning to get the legal capacity to contract marriage needed po ba akong requirements para maineterview kami ..kong sakasakali ano po bah dapat ko dalhin para mainterview kami please help me ..
    Thank you

  72. Hi! 🙂
    My boyfriend and I are planning to get married really really soon… We we have to rush it due to his father’s request and because we also thought best that we are already capable of marrying now (but his Visa expires on the 24th of June, so we have to beat that time.) I am from Davao and it would take too much time and money if we go to the Korean Embassy in Manila. So, I’d like to ask if whether we can just have the requirements and interview done here through the help of the Bureau of Immigration? And they just send the needed documents for us to Manila? Thank you! 🙂

    1. Hi Careen! Do you mean the requirements for getting a Korean visa? You really have to do that at the Korean Embassy.

  73. hi ate betchay
    tanong ku lang po..katatpos lang ng kasal namin sa huwes ng korean husband ko nung june 4,2013..after one week bumalik ako para maiapply sa nso and m.cert.namin kaso sabi ng babae sa local registral…next month pa daw namin makukua iyong registration number taga cebu po ako..grabi naman po pla katagal ..tapos nyan apply pa kmi para nso…almost two months talaga bago makuha nso marriage cert.
    Tapos po nung nagpamedical nko my goiter po ako pero normal colloid goiter po cya..namana ko po sa lola ko pero sabi ng asawa ko ipapaopera daw namin don sa tingin mo po ba ..makakuha pako ng visa nyan..please po i need you answer it will be a big help for me…
    gusto ko na po makasama asawa ko…namimis ko na po cya talaga….

  74. hello po Ms. Betchay, your site is really helpful ^^
    ask ko lang po if I would still need to apply for a spousal visa if my husband and I will just go to Korea for one week to visit his family for Chuseok this September…?
    I was thinking that applying for a tourist visa would be easier, because I read that there is a 2 day CFO seminar and additional paperwork before applying for a spousal visa……
    or is it possible to apply for a visa as a housewife?I am currently not working because my husband advised me to take a break from work to focus on our new life together, and to allot more time for processing our papers and my visa, since we just got married this May ^
    I do hope that you could help me with this ^^ thank you so much ^^

  75. Annyeong…elow te b..buti nalang na reach ko yong blog mo..i have daugther with my husband korean..actually d pa talaga husband bcoz wer not married pa..plan nmin this yr ang kasal.but waiting pa sya sa icard nya pro ang tagal..kya plan nmin sama muna kmi sa pag uwi nya kc kuha sya ng mga papers nya pra makasal kmi d2 pinas.din after that uwi na2man kmi d2 din kasal..din balik worry aq baka ma dnied kami ng baby q..wait nanaman kmi 4 a long probs naman kc talagang binata sya..anh probs is kami ng baby ko..ano kya pinaka madali pra makakuha kmi?ye need ur help..kumasumida..

  76. ihi Ms betchay i saw ur blog so i want to ask some inquiries po… mosly koreans are marrying through Korean Match making gency but in case now magddirect ung korean s Philipines and will marry my friend n inintroduce q s knya.. bale s december p nmn ung plan n uuweung Korean kasama aq nd ung husband q para n rn s s pgtulong q sknya nds friend q s pag aayos ng papel s kasal.. bale fist n tanong q ano po kylngn dalhin ng Korean s pilipinas s pgkuha ng legal Capacity?.. nxt pg nkha nla ung legal capacity, they need to go s munisipyo para s pag aaply ng marriage licence after nun tsaka p cla pwed ikasal? nd ung officiating officer po pwde n ung priest s church ng friend q or kylngan p ung international marriage licence p ung mgkksal s knila ng friend q? and then after nun CFO NMN PO?pano po pagregister dun s pgkuha ng counseling at certificate and then s huli po b ung Visa after waitin nung mga lahat ng requirements? pasensya n dami q tanong Ms.Betchay sana mbigan neo o q ng idea s pagpprocess ng papel after makasal para mkapnta po agad d2 s Korea ung friend q.. More powr and thank you

      1. Hello po.. its my first time to ask. I need help and my case is very different from everyones cases here..
        I have a korean bf. 2 yrs nadin kmi. I didnt expect na he will asked me for a marriage.
        The big prob po eh kasal na sya before sa filipina din and when we checked his status sa NSO registered na kasal na sya sa pinas. But yung wife nya di nya alam kun nasaan but he know married na sa ibang korean din and naninirahan na din sa korea.
        So were seeking for a good solution. Kasi complicated sabi nya. Pero yung wife nya hndi nya na register sa korea kya single parin yung record ng bf ko sa korea. Dto lang sya sa pinas married.
        Please help po…
        Thanks for reading..

        1. hello there!! medyo same situation tayo.. kasal siya before sa filipina pero na divorced na sila sa korea.. ang problema wala pang recognition dito sa pilipinas.. need ko rin advice asap kasi buntis ako.. need namin mag pakasal para maging dual citizen yung baby namin.. please help

        2. Bou and minie same situation here.. Ung bf kong Korean nagsasama na kami dito sa pinas kasi dito Nadin. Xa nag wowork sila ung mga naglalakd ng mga papers ng kina kasal na Koreano dito sa Pilipina.. Lagi kaming nag aaway dahil Hindi q Minsan ma-control and sarili qng mainggit sa mga pilipinang kina kasal kasi Hindi Nya aq Pwdeng pakasalan dahil kasal xa sa Pilipina dati kaso iniwan xa at na buntis ng iba ung dati nyang asawA.. Ngayon ang balak q sana sa Korea nlng Kami pakasal.. Sa tingin Nyo po madali lng process pag sa Korea kami ikakasal? Sa Korea kasi single sya.. Dito po kasal xa.. Please sana po masagot Nyo tanong q.. Kung pwde kami sa Korea nlng pakasal ,anu po requirements at magkano po of ever? Salamat

          1. Hi Anne! Kailangan niya muna i-divorce ang asawa niya niya. Pagkatapos ng divorce, kailangan muna maghintay ng 3 years bago siya payagan uli na magpakasal ng foreigner. (Foreigner ang dati niyang asawa na Filipina). Hindi mabibigyan ng visa kung magpakasal siya agad. Kung magpakasal kayo sa Korea, ganun din. Kailangan mong umuwi ng Pilipinas para i-proseso ang visa.

  77. Hello po,tanong ko LNG po sna kung pwd ba na Hindi ko dalhin apilyedo Ng asawa ko kahit kasal na kami?at kung sakali pwd ano po civil status gagamitin ko po.thanks po

  78. Hi ate b hinge lang po advice hindi ko kasi alam gagawin ko eh. Nandito po ako ngayon sa korea… Meron po ako trabaho… Kaso lang umalis na po ako sa trabaho ko at nakatira ngayon sa bahay ng boyfriend kong koreano… Nagreport na po ako ng immigration na umalis na ako ng trabaho ko kasama ng boyfriend ko ngayon gusto sna ng immigration na umowe na ako ng pinas ang sabe ng boyfriend ko magpapakasal kame dito… Ngayon binigyan lang kame ng isang buwan ng immigration pra sa kasal namin ano po ba ang pinaka mabilis na paraan…pra maging maayos na po problema ko at hnd na ako mapauwe agad ng pinas… Please advice poh tnx

  79. Hi ate betchay,
    I meron po ako korean boyfriend every month sya nauwi ng pilipinas but most of it 4 days lng. Pnakamatagal na yung 7days…were planing to get married dto s pilipinas this month. Isa po kc s requirements s kasal nmin is translated in english ng requirements nia like divorce paper or death certificate ng dting asawa nya dto n daw un sa embassy ng korea ipapatranslate pwede po. Ba yun??? and pag kumuhaa po ba kmi ng legal capacity ung interview po ba sa amin is korean???

  80. hellow po.
    kakasal lang po namin nang husband ko 5months ago.. ngayon plan po namin bumisita sa korea this march.
    ask ko lng po . base sa passport ko po ngayon e hawak ko parin po ang apilyedo ko sa pagkadalaga so do i need to change my passport status po as a family name of my husband before processing a visa? or okey lng po kung stay on my maiden family name?

    1. Hi Dyosa! No need to change your name sa passport. Hindi custom sa Korea ang palitan ang apelyido ng babae pag nag-asawa so okay lang.

  81. Hi.. Can I ask?? By the way,. I still have my E6 visa.. And I go home in the Philippines,. But I’m trying to come back again in korea.. But the immigration in Philippines not accept it.. But my korean boyfriend is coming here in Philippines.. If ever we got married,. Do I have a chance to come back in korea?? Using my E6 visa??? Actually the korean immigration not cancel my passport, because I still not finish my visa..

  82. Hi Can I ask?? Im here in korea now but my visa expired on December 29 2016..
    And plan to getting married.. what should we do? Hindi namin alam kung saan mg simula… advices comments nyu please sa mga may nakaka alam..
    Thankyou po.

  83. Hi ms betchay..nice to see this blog..can i ask how will you know if your marriage is also legal or valid in korea ? Kinasal kami dito sa pinas ..

    1. Ipapa-register niya sa Korea and you should ask the copy of his family register and marriage history. Your name should be in there. Anyway, you’ll need them to apply for the spousal visa.

  84. Hi Ms. B,, im very grateful to found your blog and read all the written stories here.
    By the way, I also want to seek some advise to you.
    I had a korean boyfriend and we are planning sana na mag pakasal dito sa pilipinas, but unfortunately he was married before to a filipina na nag run away ng makarating ng korea for some reason, and now divorced na sya sa kora to that girl, but the problem is we wante dto get marry here, but when we go to embassy to apply ng Legal capacity is hinahanapan sya ng CENOMAR,,we all know nman na walang divorce sa pililipinas,and now we’re both stuck at hindi namin alam kung anu ang dapat namin gawin,, sana matulungan mu kmi mabigyan ng advise kung paano namin masettle ang case na ito,,
    thank you and more power!
    God Bless you!

  85. Hi Ms. B,, im very grateful to found your blog and read all the written stories here.
    By the way, I also want to seek some advise to you.
    I had a korean boyfriend and we are planning sana na mag pakasal dito sa pilipinas, but unfortunately he was married before to a filipina na nag run away ng makarating ng korea for some reason, and now divorced na sya sa kora to that girl, but the problem is we wante dto get marry here, but when we go to embassy to apply ng Legal capacity is hinahanapan sya ng CENOMAR,,we all know nman na walang divorce sa pililipinas,and now we’re both stuck at hindi namin alam kung anu ang dapat namin gawin,, sana matulungan mu kmi mabigyan ng advise kung paano namin masettle ang case na ito,,
    thank you and more power!
    God Bless you!

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