International Marriage Guidance Program for Koreans

As reported on Korean news earlier, the Ministry of Justice now requires Korean men intending to marry foreign women to attend the “International Marriage Guidance Program”. Here is a picture from Daegu Immigration:

Here is the press release from the Immigration Office:

The attendance of international marriage guidance program, a basic requirement for a spouse visa run by MOJ at 14 immigration offices nationwide from Oct. 6
â—‹ The Ministry of Justice announced a revised enforcement decree of Immigration Control Act that contains measures to control issuance of spouse visa. To enhance understanding on international marriage and minimize negative impact of international marriage, Ministry of Justice operates “international marriage guidance program” offered to Korean men who are planning to marry a foreign woman. By doing so, the justice ministry will have a control over visa issuance related to international marriage.
â—‹ This measure came in response to the public awareness that tragic incidents like a recent series of murder cases of marriage migrants have to be stopped as it have a potential to evolve from a family problem to a social and international conflict.
â—‹ The “international marriage guidance program” will take place in the 14 immigration offices nationwide on every Wednesday starting from Oct. 6, 2010. At first, the program will be offered to Korean men who have a high divorce rate or who are planning to marry a woman from countries that frequently send spouses to Korea.
â—‹ In addition to the training program, overseas missions of Korea will conduct a more comprehensive inspection over financial ability, health conditions, and criminal records as well as whether a couple meets legal requirements for marriage. If the inspection finds a problem, the visa application will be denied. This will be able to prevent side effects of international marriage at an early stage.
â—‹ Now, a Korean man who wants to sponsor a visa for his foreign spouse from countries designated by the MOJ should enroll the international marriage guidance program at an immigration office.
â—‹ The training program is aimed at providing information on laws and systems and example cases of marriage related crimes while collecting identity information on Korean nationals and sending it to overseas missions in order to expedite the process and enhance the accuracy of visa issuance.
â—‹ Any Korean men who are considering or preparing for international marriage can participate in the program. People who marry within a year from completing the training program will enjoy faster process for sponsoring a spouse visa.
â—‹ Along with the training program, the Ministry of Justice will raise a bar for inspection of visa application and restrict visa issuance for spouse of Korean men who are found to have a problematic record.
– The ministry will also boost information gathering on the trend of illegal marriage brokerage firms to restrict the international marriages that are socially unacceptable.
â—‹ As the future plan, the ministry is considering tightening other visa rules.
– By exploring ways to inspect health conditions and Korean language fluency of foreign spouses;
– and to induce the participation of Korean women marrying foreign men.

Korean language fluency test in the future for foreign spouses? Not bad.


  1. 2 counselors conducting the CFO workshop (lecturing about korea) in the Philippines are now here in Korea, ive been their interpreter for the last 4 days. Theyre doing a 5 day trip to different agencies and ngo’s concerned with foreign wives, together with counselors from Vietnam and Mongolia.
    i have lots of things to say about this program and lotsa other stuff, will post later coz i need to hit the sack (been to hongcheon and muju yesterday and today! too beat up!)
    btw, i invited them to visit your blog. ^^

  2. ms jaz , paki turo nmn po sa mga counselors na yan na illegal ang abortion d2, though it’s easy and maraming gumagawa. kc last time we had a seminar, they said it’s LEGAL. thanks po.

  3. I would like to ask a question regarding this seminar for Koreans. Is this also applicable to couples who met in Korea and got married in Korea? I already got a visa here in Korea since I’m working here in Seoul with an E7visa. I first met by boyfriend since year 2008 and we decided to get married here since we are both here. Now, we are both worried in the visa processing because there has been no enough information in regards with our status. We did call the Korean immigration office last month if my husband needs to undergo with it and then they said that he doesn’t have to since I’m already here but yesterday we both called 1345 hotline and then they said that my husband needs to undergo with it if I’ll change my visa to an F2-1. And, the changing of visa in Korea is only until this month and visa processing should be done in Philippines.
    We are both working here in Korea and I couldn’t get a rational explanation of processing the visa back in Phils while I’m already here. I have to give up my job here just to go back to Phils inorder to change my visa. T_T
    If you have some information regarding with my status, it would be a great help on us if you inform me about it. Thanks in advance.

  4. pano kapag datig nagwork sa korea pero tnt ng andito na sa pias at pinakasalan ng bf korean,dina magkakaron ng visa?

    1. Hi nerisa! Pwede pa naman bigyan ng visa, i-fulfill mo lang ang requirements ng embassy.

  5. pano kapag dating nagwork sa korea pero tnt ng anim na ngayon andito na pinas yun girl at papakasalan ng bf korean.dna ba pwede mabigyan ng visa yun?

  6. Ask ko lang pano kung dati nadenied ako nagpakasal kami 2007 di ako nabigyan dati ng visa.Now palang agosto ako mag apply uli ano yung requirements na dapat isubmit ko f6-1 na ba?Kase dati f2 di ba?Kailangan ba ng asawa ko mag attend sa marriage guidance program.

  7. tanung ko lng po.kasal n kmi ng asawa ko for 8months.
    pwedi p rin b sya mgsiminar ng marriage guidance
    program khit n kasal n kmi dito sa pinas.?
    process n po kc ako ng visa pero di ako na aaprove
    dhil wala syang certificate for marrigae guidance
    yan kc ang wala sa asaw ko.hindi kya mgkproblema
    sa pgkuha ng certificate o kht n ako sa visa ko
    pwedi p kya sya mgsiminar khit n kasal n sya
    kasal n sya dto sa pinas?

    1. Hi Mae! Pwede naman siguro siya mag-seminar kahit kasal na kayo sa Pilipinas. Kung kailangan yun sa pagproseso ng visa, hindi ka talaga mabibigyan kung may kulang sa requirement ng Korean Embassy.

  8. Hi i just want to ask something how many days that international marriage guidance program take? And after that they automaticaly give the certificate regarding to that program? Hopefully somebody can my questions pls?

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