Pinoy sa Korea: Alert Level 1

Two more civilians were found dead early this morning in Yeonpyeongdo. Today we went to work as usual but some of my middle schoolers couldn’t concentrate on their lesson. They preferred to talk about what happened yesterday and what could happen in the future. I was a little surprised to hear my students say that they like the Japanese more than the North Koreans now.
The Philippine Embassy in Seoul, has activated contingency Alert Level 1, or heightened alert. However, the Philippine government has not issued a travel advisory on South Korea. Only Taiwan so far has issued a gray travel alert, which is the lowest on their four-level scale.
The Philippine Embassy also has posted an advisory for Filipinos living in South Korea on their website.
There are more than 50,000 Filipinos in South Korea while nine Pinoys are in North Korea. Be safe guys and check the Philippine Embassy – Seoul website from time to time for announcements.


    1. You mean the Taiwanese hate on Koreans? It has something to do with the disqualification of one of their athletes on the taekwondo match. The computer personnel in charged of monitoring the scores is Korean and he alerted the officials of the game that the Taiwanese athlete has extra sensors on her feet.

  1. Hi Ate!
    It’s such a big news dito sa Australia. Mejo panic naman yung mga Korean friends ko dito.. Hope everything is well over there…

    1. I agree with you Jepoi that their lives must be full of inspiration,adventures and wonderful/sad stories.And I want to read the pages of their lives there,,it might be very interesting, I also want to take a glimpse of the north from Mt.Odu as you did, I wonder how it feels like to take a sneak peek at the neverland…what about you Ms.Betchay, have you seen N.Korea from that Mt??

      1. I’ve been to Mt. Odu, Cheorwon, Aegibong, Dorasan and one other observatory in Gangwon-do. Oh I love Cheorwon, that’s where former Pres. Fidel Ramos fought during the Korean War. I’ve been to the place four times and they have the best kalbitang. ;p

  2. hello betchay, you mentioned about cheorwon, i live there, it’s very cool in summer but it’s the coldest place during winter.. i wonder if you had a sightseeng in goseokcheong and chiktang falls..

  3. hi mam ana
    ask ko lang po yung box ko kasi wala pa rin pong dumarating. Kunin ko po yung waybill number. thanks

  4. hello sa lahat po,,cnung my alam na pwede ko po mabilhan ng kc my balak ako magtinda-tinda ng saan po ako mkabili???advice po,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,maraming salamat ito po cp ko 01042998507

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