Emergency shelters

The United States and South Korea will conduct another “war games” or defensive drills from November 28th to December 1st in the western sea of South Korea. They will continue with it amidst threats by North Korea that they will “strike with greater force” if the said countries continue with the military drills.
What are we to do in case of an attack? Pray that it won’t ever happen. In Yeonpyeongdo, which was bombed by the enemies last week, emergency shelters or “de-pi-so” have been stocked with food and other emergency supplies.

An emergency shelter in Yeonpyeongdo

“Depiso” is 대피소 in Hangul. The subways in Seoul, specifically lines 5-8 and the newer routes, were made to double as emergency shelters. That is why they are so deep. The subway station nearest us is about five basement-deep. Aside from the subways, underground parking lots of big buildings will also serve the same purpose. Just don’t forget to bring emergency food supply that you can stock in a cooler – food bars, nuts and other high calorie food and of course water.
Emergency shelters are no Branson Missouri vacation packages, but they have saved lives. The Yeonpyeongdo residents stayed in the shelters overnight on the day that their island was fired with artillery shells. In one news report I saw last Friday night, they had chocopie and water at the shelters. They compared the almost empty Korean shelters with those in Japan, which are filled with food and emergency supplies.


  1. I pray for the safety of all my kababayans there. I’m also concerned about the job security of the many Pinoys who work hard for their families back here.

    1. Hi Shie! Oo nga, mga 50,000 pinoy ang nagwo-work dito. Kaya rin siguro ni-ban na ng government ni Pnoy ang magpadala ng workers dito eh dahil mahihirapan din pagdating sa evacuation ng mga tao. Uunahin nila siyempre yung mga nagta-trabaho at may mga pamilya sa Pilipinas. Siguro yung mga may asawang Korean eh kaya na ng mga asawa nila na alagaan sila at i-evacuate kung kinakailangan. Para hindi na sila dagdag na alalahanin ng gobyerno ni Pnoy.

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