33-Year Philippine Oblation Run

알몸달리기 (al-mom-dal-li-gi) is the Korean word for “naked run” and I saw it on Korean TV. LOL!
According to the Korean news article I saw, this is the 33rd year of the traditional “naked run” by the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity. This year, male students are running for justice for the Dela Salle bombing that happened last September.
This annual tradition of Alpha Phi Omega is held on or around December 16. According to Wikipedia, the fraternity was founded on December 16, 1925.
Men and women alike took time out to watch the tradition. Most brought their cameras with them. By the way, a “dica” (as we call it here in Korea) would make a great Christmas present. Check out some digital camera reviews now.
Here are two pictures posted on a Korean site:

2010.12.15 Philippine Oblation Run

2010.12.15 Philippine Oblation Run


  1. never got the chance to see one, kahit sa UP (diliman) pa located dati office namin..
    wala akong mayaya sa mga officemates ko non, kkk…

  2. i think i went to that event twice …..i always end up at the back of the crowd so i never got the chance to see the highlight of the event….hahahahaha

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