Filipina, molested inside a bus

On SBS News Wednesday night, there was a news report of a foreigner (a Filipina) who was molested by a Korean man inside a bus. It happened on the 9th of December.
The bus’ CCTV showed that the Filipina was sitting alone beside the window when a Korean man wearing a black jacket sat beside her. She later shouted “Don’t touch me. Don’t touch me I told you,” and then moved to another seat. A Korean girl then moved to the aisle where the Filipina was seated, apparently to protect her.
Oh, the molester had the nerve to make a false report to the police!


  1. dumadami na yata ang mga manyak ngayon!
    hay naku~ buti nalang palaban din yung PINAY!!!
    (& thanks to the Korean girl ^^)
    thanks for this post Ms Betch~
    should prepare for this kind of people always,.

  2. ang bait naman ng korean girl.. sa subway or bus, naaappreciate ko din na sila pa naggi-give up ng seat nila for me, kaysa sa mga korean ajosshi or ajumma, uunahan ka pa sa iniooffer sayo na seat..
    OMG sa ajosshi na yan..

  3. I’m sure there are more cases like this. Ako nga nabiktima rin before. Buti ngayon may CCTV na. Kasi it would be a matter of her word against the Korean guy. Yan nga may ebidensiya na and the ajosshi still has the nerve to turn the story around. Of course he’ll try anything to save face. Tsk, tsk, tsk…

  4. I’ve been following your blog for a year now and I really find this very informative. I thank you for your posts especially for reposting Sungkonghoe University’s Scholarship program. I applied and fortunately, I passed. In a way, I feel that I’m indebted to you.:) Salamat po!
    Miss Betchay, I’ll be there in February and it’s gonna be my first time to be in Korea. I’m quite bothered though by what I’ve been reading these past few weeks in your blog. I read about the subway scandals and now I just read about this Filipina being molested on a bus. I’m starting to worry about my safety there as early as now. On several occasions my Korean students have warned me against coming to Korea especially to Seoul saying that someone might just grab me while I’m walking on the street, etc. I didn’t believe them then, but now I’m starting to worry. I can’t help commenting on this post because I also experienced being molested on a bus – not just once but twice – here in the Philippines. That explains my anxiety about coming to Korea next year… No longer am I bothered by North Korea’s hostility toward the South, this harassment worries me more. And don’t get me wrong po, I’m worrying not because I’m a buxom girl or attractive whatsoever. In fact, I’m nothing of that sort. 🙂

    1. @Christine: I think Betchay is posting stories like this so that women, Koreans and foreigners alike, can be more aware about their surroundings and take steps to be careful and to protect themselves. As a newcomer to Korea, just try your best to learn the language so that you can communicate well because this can help you when you encounter difficult situations like this one. Carry a cell phone and have emergency contact phone numbers with you (especially phone numbers of Korean friends who can translate for you). As much as possible don’t travel alone until your familiar with the area where you live, the bus and subway routes. If you’re going out, tell someone (like your roommate/dormmate) where you’re going and what time you’re supposed to be back. And based on my experience and on this fellow Pinay’s experience, try to avoid window seats! 🙂

  5. I experienced similar thing on the bus!! The Korean was trying to touch my leg and come near me, but pretending to do it accidentally, pero hello? Several times na “accident”?? Obvious naman na nananadya diba?? Nakaka-upo din ako sa window at gabi rin nun. I was holding on tightly to my long umbrella, just in case, at least my weapon ako to protect myself. Then i also took out of cell phone at na-conscious sha. Tumawag ako sa husband ko. Dun na sha bumaba ng station. Balak ko pa nga sana, picturan sha from my camera phone as evidence at para aware sha na may masamang balak sha, para MAS lalo sha ma-conscious!!

  6. waaaaaa… nakakaalarma… kaya ako kapag sumasakay ako ng bus dito laging doon sa aisle seat… mahirap na noh…. Ang sarap sapaksapakin sa mukha nung lalaki!

  7. tips for ladies in case you find yourselves in any sexual assault situation……….always keep a sharp object in you hand bag or purse….a box cutter knife or a pen… you could slash or stab your attacker………….whenever someone grab you from behind, stop on your attackers feet swing around and kick as hard as you can to his groins or balls…….if your attacker have you pinned down, deliver a hard knee blow to his gut region and a hard palm blow to his face and nose……..and always use common sense whenever you are in places you are not familiar with.

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