When Jasmine Lee met Lee Myung Bak

I’m reading some information on rv towing since we’ll be traveling in January. We’ve experienced slippery roads due to snow and heavy traffic in the past whenever we go outside Seoul in the winter months; but we’ll go out with the whole family and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.
Anyway, before I leave for work here’s a picture of Jasmine Lee sitting beside the President of South Korea – Lee Myung Bak. From what I know, this was taken on December 17th at the Blue House or Cheongwadae, which is the official palace of the President. It was for the briefing for 2011 Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism business report.

President Lee Myung Bak and Jasmine Lee

Jas and the President are not related. They just share the same last name.


  1. one of the things that makes me feel so proud — seeing fellows doing very well in other countries, especially those who never give up after a tragedy.

  2. though “traditions” we all grew up with would be nice to follow, having your own tradition partnered with some of what you grew up with would be a way for change…keep having them with you and your family…
    isang mainit at Maligayang Pasko Ms Betchay!

  3. hi there ms. betchay..i’ve been readng your blogs…i’m working on my requirements to have a tourist visa there in Korea and i’m wondering if i can land a job there using my tourist visa…can it be? please give me an advice

    1. hi rosy! i wouldn’t advise it… it’s not really easy to land a job here legally… even a few Filipina who are married to Koreans that i know are having a hard time finding decent jobs

  4. There goes my Hangeul teacher.. Hehe.. I’ve been watching her videos and it’s been a big help for me in Learning the language.. 🙂

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